What’s so bad about Parabens?

As the saying goes, a lot of something can be awful for you – and parabens are no exception! With most parabens being found in conventional beauty items, every day utilization of these items over time can cause a buildup of parabens and do more damage than good. This occurs when these products and their troublesome parabens are retained through the skin and into the body.

Just like cosmetics and skincare items, foods, and beverages also need additives to prevent unhealthy bacteria and microbes from growing and hurting us. When parabens are ingested over time through, cosmetics, food, or food additives, the health risks and effects can be potentially worse. Follow along to discover the dangers and realities of these stranger-hazards and why you should stay away from them.

1: They’re Endocrine Disruptors

The synthetic structure of parabens is like the hormone estrogen. Research shows that estrogen-mimicking has identified them as endocrine disruptors, and parabens have even been recently connected to instances of early puberty in girls.

Over time, endocrine disruption can prompt a variety of issues including adult-onset acne, male breast development, developmental and neurological issues, and various cancers. Other investigations have indicated that parabens can also change thyroid hormone levels, causing possible adverse health impacts.

2: Links to Breast Cancer

While some investigation has declared that parabens can imitate the action of the hormone estrogen in the body’s cells, this estrogenic activity is related to specific types of breast cancer. Estrogen is a female hormone that has been known to cause both normal and carcinogenic breast cells to develop and divide. Parabens have also been discovered in breast tumors.

In 2004, British scientist Philippa Darbre issued a research paper that seemed to discover traces of parabens in breast cancer tissue samples. This examination testing for parabens in human breast cancer tumors found traces of 5 distinctive parabens in 19 of 20 tumors. Darbre found that not only can parabens move into your body through the skin, but also they fuel the development of existing cancer cells.

At Fae beauty we strictly stand against paraben-free cosmetics and opt for paraben-free makeup and products  that are safer and healthier for you.