How to determine who is at fault in a car accident in New York?

If you have met with an accident in New York, the first thing that comes to your mind is who is responsible for the accident. New York is a busy city and accidents are inevitable. So if an accident has led to major injuries or death, the driver who is responsible for the accident will have to pay the compensation for the damages caused, both economic and non-economic damages. In case of minor or no injuries, the driver can obtain a ‘no fault car insurance’ in which the insurers will get a certain amount of compensation regardless of who was responsible for the accident. But in which cases does no fault apply? If no fault doesn’t apply, how it will be determined who is responsible for the accident? New York has some of the best Auto accident Attorney who can decide who is at fault.

No fault insurance in New York City

No fault insurance policy is one of the insurance that is available in New York. It is a rule that every driver in the city needs to have a certain amount of insurance coverage. This is because in case of accidents, his own insurance could save him from the damages that have been caused. This insurance is suitable only for economic damages which include- property damage, expenses on medical bills, and lost wages. This policy is not applicable for non-economic damages which include pain and sufferings. The aggrieved party has to prove that the injuries caused are fatal or major ones. Once it is proved, the other driver responsible for the accident can be sued and the latter has to compensate both economic and non-economic damages. To settle your claims, it is important to seek help from Seattle car accident lawyer because they are a pro in dealing with car accidents.

If no fault applies, then the court will settle the matter by using the comparative fault rule in which one single individual is not sued for the accident. Rather, the fault is divided among the all the parties involved in the accident. The damages caused to the complainant will be reduced by the percentage of fault that is ascribed to them. The actions of each of the individual related to the accident will be evaluated like- car speed, whether the driver followed the traffic rules, or if there is an involvement of cell phones.

Last but not the least, accidents can happen anywhere. For aviation accidents, one needs to hire aviation accident lawyer to calculate your possible compensations.