What You Should Be Packing in Your Muddy Girl Range Bag

When you’re off down to the range, it’s important that you ensure that you’re properly equipped for every eventuality. Now, the decision of what to pack everything into is relatively simple, as products like the Muddy Girl Range Bag is an obvious choice for those who like to look good and come prepared.

Now, you might have your own ideas about what’s important, but I’ve been shooting for so many years now that I think I have the definitive selection of what needs to be included. 

So, if you want to know what this is composed of, you should keep reading to the end. I’ll start, however, with the basics of what should be part of your everyday range kit for all types of shooting and training environments – not just at the range. 

What You Simply MUST Have In your Muddy Girl Range Bag

Ok, so this is what (in my opinion) you should have in your range bag. 

  • An EPIK (Emergency Personal Injury Kit) for obvious reasons
  • Ear and eye protection (not up for debate)
  • A tourniquet that can be rapidly applied
  • A pen and notebook (for keeping track of performance and rounds fired)
  • Ammunition (whilst in transit to the range)
  • Some kind of cloth to wipe down your magazines and firearm after you finish training

I find it incredible that so many people forget to take any kind of emergency first aid with them to the range. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll need them, we are talking about firearms and not having kit available when it’s needed actually puts lives at risk. 

This is why I think that a tourniquet and an EPIK are far from being optional items to pack in your Muddy Girl Range Bag. To err is human and so accidents do happen, so don’t let unpreparedness cost you your life or someone else’s.

Other Optional Items to Take

As we’ve mentioned already a couple of times, preparedness is key when using firearms and so it’s good to prepare yourself for other – non-life-threatening – occurrences.

A selection of the below items will ensure that you’re prepared for most eventualities.

  • Some gun lube and a cleaning kit
  • General purpose tools to deal with adjustments and minor malfunctions
  • Mid-sized adhesive bandages to patch up any minor abrasions or cuts 
  • Some band aids for sore magazine-loading thumbs
  • Masking tape for taping over bullet holes on your targets

It’s important to know that some gun ranges won’t let you clean your firearm inside the premises, so you may have to get the job done in your truck or when you get home.

Make Sure Your Muddy Girl Range Bag Is Equipped

There are obviously many things that can happen whilst out either at the range or when you’re out training. The difference between something that you get to tell your grandchildren about and something can literally risk your very wellbeing can come down to what you pack in your Muddy Girl Range Bag.

Enjoying the great outdoors is much better when you have the equipment you need to shoot safely without leaving permanent damage to your rifle or indeed yourself. 

So, whether you go out fully loaded or with the basic essentials, make sure you’ve got enough to deal with any medical emergencies that arise – as the bare minimum. You don’t want to end up in danger simply because you wanted to travel light. 

Thanks for reading my blog. I really hope that it has illustrated that what you pack does matter and when you find you’ve got precisely what you need when you need it, you’ll be glad you did. 

Jack Sylvester
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