If you choose to run WordPress on your CMS platform, it’s also worth choosing HostingRaja WordPress hosting service that is optimized for faster and smoother operation of your website. You need managed hosting services for your website of small business.

You may be interested to learn as a business owner: what’s the big deal with WordPress, and how does it affect my end result?

Do you wonder what WordPress managed hosting really is?. You wondered out why managed WordPress hosting is more costly than the cheaper shared hosting plans you used.

Does the quality of your website really vary according to hosting plans? There is no simple and straightforward answer. This depends, for the most part, on the scale of your website, the overall tech skills and how much traffic you receive.

Below we’ll explore some of the reasons you might want to upgrade to managed hosting and we’ll also highlight some of the advanatges of managed wordpress hosting you can use for your business.

Signs You Need to opt for HostingRaja Hosting Plans. 

If you have already started building a website for your small business, you would probably use WordPress as your CMS and have learned about WordPress hosting.

Users update for a number of different reasons to managed WordPress hosting, many of which were on the technical side of things. If you are having any of the issues following, then you may want to consider upgrading.

Your Webpage is Slow Today. 

Users are demanding fast speed of the site. Attention spans are decreasing and people just won’t hang around and wait to load your page. If it takes time to load your site, and you have been able to identify that the issue is not related to your site, then your hosting server is to be blamed.

Your site has various features.

With time, it’s easy for WordPress sites to get sluggish. With the number of plugins and customization choices available, the chances are high that the longer it exists, your site will begin to take on more and more server resources.

This, of course, means your site would take a lot longer to load. Nevertheless, if you have a very small site which has nothing more than a few pages, then a shared hostingoption is for your site without.

You’re not a “tech-friendly” person. 

Are you able to manage them all on your own when technical issues arise? If you love the challenge of running your own server being a tech person, then managed WP hosting may not be what you require. On the other hand, if you’re frustrated by the thought of possible technical issues, so a managed WordPress host could be just what you need.

Advantages of HostingRajaManaged WordPress Hosting. 

If you can relate to any one of these situations, it might be time to rethink switching to a managed host. Below we discuss some of the most common advantages you’ll see when using managed Wp hosting.

  1. Speed

As described above, Bloating and Slowing are common issues for WordPress sites. Managed Wp hosts are designed to support WordPress and make sure it’s as fast as possible. In fact, they are dynamically designed so that even as the site expands you don’t have to worry about slowdowns.

  1. Safety

It’s sad but sometimes websites get hacked. WordPress sites are usually hacked through the backend, or by using faulty themes or plugins.

Shared web hosts may be more prone than managed WordPress hosts. Managed hosting tools will also look into every part of your site and ensure the site is always safe from the latest breaches.

  1. Growth. 

Most shared web hosting services aren’t suited for managing very high traffic volumes. The last thing you would want is to see your site collapse once you start receiving huge traffic volumes.

Managed WordPress hosting India services are designed in such a way that you can manage any traffic that you put on your website.

  1. Support. 

Would you consider yourself a professional? If the response is no, then you may want to go for a managed WordPress host. If you have a shared host, any issues fall on you.

Why choose HostingRaja:

·         Automatic WordPress Installation.

  • Affordable packages
  • Secure Configuration of Login Credentials.
  • Automatic WordPress Updates

You will have a complete HostingRaja technical team behind you with a managed host that will help you make the problem go away that may arise.