If you’ve noticed your carpets are looking a bit dingy or you can’t seem to get bad odors to lift with regular vacuuming, you may need to try something a bit more aggressive like steam carpet cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is the process of cleaning your carpets with water, soap and a special vacuum.

Instead of sucking up dirt and debris with only the help of air suction, with steam carpet cleaning you’ll shampoo the carpets in the vacuuming process.

The process of steam carpet cleaning

When you’re ready to steam carpet clean, it’s important you remove all items from the area you wish to clean. Unlike regular carpet cleaning, it is important to empty the room as much as possible – including furniture.

In doing so, you’ll be able to get your carpets fully steam cleaned, and they’ll dry easier. In a nutshell, here’s the process of steam carpet cleaning:

  • Decide that you’re going to do it
  • Determine which areas you’d like to steam clean in your home
  • Remove all items from these areas – including furniture
  • Open all windows in that space
  • Rent a steam cleaner and purchase the special shampoo needed for that machine
  • Vacuum the area with the steam cleaning vacuum
  • Run the shampoo cycle while you vacuum the area again
  • Remove excess water by vacuuming the water up
  • Put any fans on the newly cleaned carpet and let the carpet dry completely before touching/stepping/or walking on it
  • Once fully dry, you can close your windows, remove fans, and put your furniture back
  • Wait a few months and repeat!

Renting a steam cleaner vs hiring a professional cleaning service

Now that you’ve seen how much work is involved with steam carpet cleaning you may be wondering if you should just hire a professional company to do all this instead. In short, if you can afford to hire a professional – do it!

Not only does a professional company take the load off your hands with removing the items from your space while completing the process, they will have commercialized vacuums with stronger suction so your carpets will dry sooner and may get a deeper suction which means a deeper clean.

So, start search for Carpet Cleaners Near Me and get your stuff done in right manner.