It is also called atomizer, it is the part of the vaping mod where the whole process is done to produce the steam. It contains a resistance heating element, a metal resistance, and an absorbent material, usually in cotton. When you want to vape, the process of your mod will be this: The resistance heats the liquid in the cotton, making the steam look like smoke.

Vaping Tank Classes

Disposable Tanks: It is currently the most popular tank among vaping mods, because its simplicity is acclaimed by each user, you will surely like it. Smok tank tfv12 use commercial resistors, but are manufactured for the purpose of use and disposal.


  • Not needing to mount the resistors its use is very practical
  • You can reach large clouds of steam without having to build resistances

PODs or Electronic Cigarettes: Usually used for people who decide to leave the conventional cigarette? This type of electronic cigarettes, are made to recharge and vape leaving behind the issue of disposable tanks, replacing cartridges, also called PODs. Vaping is usually from mouth to lung, which compares to smoking in ordinary cigarettes. PODs are characterized by containing low performance batteries, economical in the market and very discreet. 


  • It emulates the consumption of a conventional cigarette.
  • They are small, the diameter of the conventional ones is 24 to 25 mm, and the PODs are 22 mm.
  • It doesn’t produce so much steam, which becomes an advantage if you like to hide.

Commercial Resistance Tanks

smok tank tfv12 can find them in each smoke shop vaping, because its manufacture is done on a large scale, hence it is derived that its quality is not the best. However, it will get you out of trouble when vaping. The duration will depend on the use you give it, how much you vape a day, what materials you use to vape, among others. Usually its maximum extension is two weeks, in turn, there are people who only last one or even less.


  • It doesn’t require practice, you just have to change the resistance and vape when you want
  • Easily accessible, you can find these resistors in each smoke shop