The Unimat comprises of a series of combination machines that are used for model engineering, as well as other engineering works of light hobbyists. It includes various machines that are sold commercially and are aimed for the purpose of metalworking and machining. 

Its kits are used by hobbyists who are into model engineering. It can be used to give any type of shape to plastics, wood and metal. Basically, its kits can be found in 3 different forms. 

Basic kit

It consists of:

  • A handheld drilling machine
  • A stationary sander
  • A handheld sander
  • Different forms of woodturning machines
  • Parts for a jigsaw

Each and every machine in this Unimat kit is safe to use, and even kid-friendly in form. The jigsaw blade has short strokes, which ensures that there is no injury to the fingers of novice carpenters. Professionals are also overjoyed by the precise and accurate cutting that the saw can ensure.

Classic kit

It has all the Basic kit components, and even more stuffs that machine manufacturers cannot do without. These include:

  • 3 sledges, which offer the chance to work in any position and angle 
  • Clamping jaw, to ensure precise fixing of the fast turning steel that is included
  • 3-jawed chuck, needed to place a metal slug into proper position 

Metal Line kit

It consists of quite a few components made completely of metal, which include:

  • Tail stocks 
  • Counter shafts
  • New slides 

These are strong and have a lot of precision. The components are compatible to every part of the system of Unimat

Each of the kits can help in the manufacturing and engineering of many different things, such as a car axle, gear wheels, ancient ship models, furniture items and many more. It has a modular construction system.