What are the Tips to Remove Plaque and Tartar from Retainers? 

Plaque is considered a sticky film of bacteria that is on the teeth surfaces in the mouth. If you are wearing retainers, then this plaque might also appear on your retainers if you are not keeping your mouth clean. It is a natural occurrence but you have to take care of it properly so that there is no chance of tooth decay or gum disease. This plaque can take a form of tartar if it is left untreated and therefore, you must be able to remove this unwanted layer from your teeth.

If you have retainers, then it becomes more important to remove this plaque as it can have a severe negative impact on retainers. If you are in Fort Myers, then you can consult any Fort Myers dentist who can provide a detailed analysis and advice about how to remove the plaque and tartar to improve your smile. 

How do you remove plaque and tartar buildup from retainers? 

  • Cleaning solutions: There are various cleaning solutions available in the market to clean the plaque from the retainers. You just have to soak these retainers in the cleaning solution and keep them for a certain amount of time. There are various commercial products that you can use to clean the plaque and tartar. It will lead to effective cleaning rather than just rubbing brushes on your retainers. 
  • Soft-Bristled Toothbrush: Brushing is important but people often forget that they have to use soft-bristled brushes to ensure that they do not get any harm from the brushes. If you are using soft-bristled brushes, then it can help you remove the surface plaque and keep your retainers clean. 

  • Flossing: Flossing is important for your teeth, but when you have retainers, it becomes much more important and you cannot forget to use flossing methods to keep your teeth clean and safe from any bacteria infection. 
  • Ultrasonic cleaners: This is a new option for cleaning the retainers. These devices are high-frequency sound waves that remove plaque and other debris from the retainer. Ultrasonic cleaning can be effective, but it is also costly and, therefore, only affordable to some. 

Thus, these are specific methods that you can use to clean the retainers from plaque and tartar buildup. This will help in retaining oral hygiene, which is essential for a long-term result. However, if you are facing issues in cleaning the plaque and tartar buildup on your retainers, it would be great to consult an experienced doctor to get some idea about cleaning the retainers. 

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