What Are Cockroaches Attracted To?

Pests can easily proliferate in your home when their initial presence is ignored. They carry germs and diseases, infecting your food and water with them. This makes Austin pest control services necessary. These services are your only option if you have a cockroach infestation in your home. 

Nobody wants to see cockroaches invading your home, especially the kitchen. These pests are persistent and can be difficult to catch. Cockroaches are fast and can climb everywhere to hide quickly. A cockroach infestation can take place even if your home is clean. Knowing what can attract these pests into your home lets you implement a strategy to prevent them from invading your property. The following are the most common things that can attract cockroaches into your home:

Food Sources

As cockroaches like to eat, they tend to invade homes in search of food. They especially like to be in a dirty home. You will usually find them where your food has been stored such as on your tables and in your pantry. Opened food packages can attract them to your home, so make sure to cover any leftovers in your kitchen with a lid.  

Damp Areas

Cockroaches like to stay in damp areas. While they can survive three months without food, they cannot do so in one week without water. Pay attention to areas in your home with moisture. Wipe any leftover moisture in your kitchen counters, floors, and cabinets. Also, fix any leaky faucets and pipes, particularly pipes hidden inside cabinets and underneath the sink. 

Exposed Garbage

Cockroaches love the foul smell of the garbage, so make sure you take your trash out regularly and keep the trash container close at all times. Ensure the container never becomes full or overflows; otherwise, you would be seeing cockroaches infesting your kitchen in no time.