Web.com Reviews Looks at Developer Tools That Will Increase Productivity


Software development involves a lot of things including research, design, programming, and computer testing. Thus, the task of a software developer is never easy. However, there are many tools available to developers that can make their job a little easier. According to Web.com Reviews, developers should use some good productivity tools as these can enhance their productivity, make their work easier, and allow them to be more efficient by automating the task.

The Tools

Here are some effective developer tools that will increase productivity:

  1. TimeCamp – This is an excellent time tracking tool that will help you to optimize your work by tracking the time that you have spent while doing any particular task. Apart from that, this tool also allows you to organize all the data of your project and helps you to divide your work into smaller tasks.
  1. HeySpace – This is an innovative task management software that also provides you with chat features. With the help of this tool, it becomes possible to manage even the most complex tasks and projects. The software comes with three boards in one place and you will be able to adjust it for different tasks. It has a number of useful features and settings that allow you to set the date, assign the task to a teammate, add tags, descriptions, files, etc.
  1. Sublime text – You can enhance your productivity when the working environment is nice. It is a kind of code editor that provides an easy-to-use and friendly interface. It also permits you to markup and you will also be able to do the program in a different language. Another great thing about Sublime Text is that it allows the user to move across the file and quickly find the lines of code and change them instantly. You will also be able to switch between different projects.
  1. Codeanywhere – This is another good productivity tool for developers. Developers who work in a team may need to collaborate on one project at the same time. You just need to send the link of the code editor to your team members and you will be able to do all your work in real-time.

Apart from that, you will also be able to track who is working on what and see the changes that have been introduced. The best thing about this tool is that you will be able to choose from more than 70 languages in the editor.

  1. Todolist – This is another excellent productivity tool for developers.With the help of this tool, you will be able to manage the list of things that needs to be done with simple commands for making sure that you stick to the production schedule. With the help of Todolist, it becomes possible to prioritize the work, add some extra tasks in the work schedule, file and group them as well as archive the work.


According to Web.com Reviews, productive tools can only help you to become more efficient and increase your productivity. These tools will not do the work for you. So, you must be motivated to produce the best results.