Ways to Perfectly Customize Architecture Christmas Cards


There are various types of Christmas cards, and architecture Christmas cards are one of them. Just about all architecture firms send these cards to their clients as well as to their employees during the holiday seasons. Architecture Christmas cards generally address to any architecture-related events or activities. It commonly includes designs like miter containers, paper, and sometimes even notebooks. It may also have designs like those of tracing paper, cutting mats, a ruler, and so forth. This makes the card appropriate for being sent out during the holiday season by architecture firms. Due to various unique designs of the card, they are very much appreciated by their customers and staff. 

Architecture Christmas cards may also be personalized or customized. Personalization or customization of the Christmas cards actually plays a very important role when sending the cards. It allows large architecture firms to engage with their staff and customers (former, current and prospective) through the message expressed in the card.

The Benefits of Architecture Christmas Cards’ Customization or Personalization

The freedom to customize Christmas cards really does have a beneficial impact on whoever the card’s receiver is. This essentially allows the company to provide their customers and employees with distinctive and unique messages. An architecture Christmas card may include layouts wherein the receiver of the card may directly relate to. Below are some reasons why Christmas cards have to be personalized or customized:

  1. Architecture Christmas cards sent out by architecture firms may attract potential clients and entice them. This type of Christmas cards can be customized with layouts that can be seen in every architecture field. By doing this, prospective customers might get interested in doing business with the firm.
  2. Architecture Christmas cards could also be a way of expressing the company’s appreciation to its customers and staff. It is another way to motivate them to do really well if a company appreciates its clients as well as their staff. Your employees’ great performance can lead to increased profit for the company.
  3. Giving architecture Christmas cards is a fantastic way to strengthen the business relationship with your employees. This will improve the employer-employee relationship which would have a positive impact on the company’s morale.

How to Customize Architecture Christmas Cards

There are certain things you need to bear in mind while creating your own Christmas cards. The cards would have to include varying architectural designs It should feature more architectural designs than the standard Christmas designs. This would make them stand out from the customary holiday cards in the shops that you usually find.

Here are some of the tips for making your own personalized architecture Christmas cards:

  • When making your own architecture Christmas cards, you need to have, at the minimum, three architectural designs. When you are only going to settle for one design this will make your card simple and far less noticeable.

(The hardest task here would be on how to incorporate the holiday theme with the architectural layout. You need to be very creative to be able to create an impressive architectural design for your card.)

  • Once you are finished with your designs, the next step to do would be to envision what your Christmas card theme would be and what you would like it to look like. Designing will then be a lot simpler for you. Note that your architecture Christmas card must not only contain a lot of details about Christmas.
  • A touch of personalization to the card does wonder. Customizing your architecture Christmas cards should really be an absolute priority. The person who receives the card must be able to feel the gratitude that you would like to express to him or her. Here are a few ways to customize your architecture Christmas cards:
  1. Choose a high-quality paper to make your Christmas cards with. There are so many varieties of papers that you can use in making your Christmas cards. However, cardstocks are by far the most frequently used in making cards. It undoubtedly provides the best quality when this type of paper is used.
  2. Write down a personalized message. If you include a personalized message in it, your card will more than likely be valued. The receiver of your card will appreciate this more than the just the usual greeting of “Happy Holidays”. This would mean that the card is really intended for them and not just generically sent out to just about anyone in your contact list. The same applies when sending cards to architects in general. When the message is written specifically for them, it gives them a sense of appreciation.
  3. In your card, you must make mention of the services that you provide. It has been mentioned above that architecture Christmas cards that are sent out by architecture firms may attract prospective customers. You have to have an eye-catching architectural design on your card to entice them to do business with your firm. The determining factor, however, will be the services that your firm has to offer. And as such, one of the effective ways to let them know about it is to entail the services you provide in your card.
  4. You have to add the company logo to your card. Typically, the logo must have the company’s name and vivid imagery that provides several purposes. First, it states your architecture company’s name. Second, it gives a clear image that represents your business The logo on the Christmas card is a significant symbolic component that ties it to one’s memory.


One of the easiest ways to be able to show your clients your appreciation for having a stable and productive business relationship is by sending architecture Christmas cards to your business associates. This will also persuade your clients to re-contract a business dealing with your architecture firm. Furthermore, it is also a perfect way for the company to prove that they really value and appreciate their clients and are more than happy to always do their best to serve and accommodate them.