Ways to Improve Your Bathroom and the Need to Have a Shower Water Filter 

You spend a lot of money on improving your living room and bedroom. You stay longer in these areas, and you also want to impress your visitors. There’s nothing wrong with spending money to have a beautiful house, but don’t forget the bathroom. As they say, the bathroom reflects the personality of the owner. If it’s clean, it says a lot about the person residing inside. If it’s dirty, you have to do something about it. You need to invest in quality bathroom accessories to improve the appearance of this area. You should start with the Berkey shower filter.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website.

Shower filters improve water quality

The reason why you need a shower filter is that your water source could be contaminated. You take a bath to clean your body and be hygienic. If your water source contains contaminants and toxic materials, you forfeit the goal of bathing in the first place. You need to buy a shower filter to prevent the dirty materials from dripping into your body. Without the filter, you ironically come out dirtier than when you came in.

Upgrade the sink

It’s understandable if you can’t immediately spend on different ways to upgrade your bathroom. You can’t magically come up with the money to pay the entire cost. However, you can invest in a statement piece. The sink is an excellent start. You can look for a stand out design. When your guests enter the bathroom, they will be fascinated by the presence of an artistic hand basin.

Add mirrors in the bathroom 

Make sure you have mirrors in the bathroom. Apart from practical reasons, they’re presence also helps create an illusion that your bathroom is bigger. Long mirrors are even better since you can check yourself from head to toe before heading out. You can also choose different shapes for a more outstanding bathroom.

Invest in quality lighting

Changing bathroom lighting is more than enough to elevate the appearance of your bathroom. They look pleasing to the eyes. You can choose the lighting styles that match your bathroom theme. You can also consider dim lights so you can adjust the brightness depending on your mood. Your bathroom aids in relaxation. Beautiful lights help achieve that goal.

Play with wall paint

Bright colors are usually the safest options for bathroom paint. There’s nothing wrong with choosing these colors. However, it might help if you take the risk and choose contemporary colors. For instance, you can consider a grey and ombré effect. You can also consider spicy tones for a more fascinating look. Color blocking also modernizes the appearance of your bathroom. Choose the right shade based on your personality. Don’t fear to go for bolder colors and unique designs. It’s your bedroom, and you should try whatever you think would help you relax.

Use patterned tiles 

Gone were the days when you only have to choose white square tiles and even patterns for your bathroom. It’s the standard style that everyone uses. These days, tile patterns could be anything you want them to be. Others even have floor tiles that match the walls. You will drastically improve your bedroom with this simple change.

Buy bathroom vanity furniture 

One of the reasons why your bathroom looks messy is that your toiletries are all over the place. Even empty bottles are on the floor. To prevent them from messing your bathroom, you need to invest in vanity furniture. It’s the perfect storage furniture for all your bathroom needs. You can also organize them based on their purpose. For instance, all your facial care products are in one area. The items used for hair care could also be in the same section. Looking for the products you need won’t be difficult when you have this furniture. Some models come with mirrors and chairs so that you can fix yourself before heading out of the bathroom.

Invest in a standing bathtub

Like your living room, an excellent way to decorate your bathroom is by having a focal feature. A standing bathtub is an excellent option. When you walk into the bathroom, you can immediately see the tub. Of course, having one is useful to make you feel more relaxed. You can bathe as long as you want since you have a nice tub. There’s no need to head to a spa for this experience.

Choose a minimalistic approach 

The bathroom is the perfect place to relax. It’s the only area where you can be alone. Throughout the day, you will be with other people. You won’t have time to relax when you need to interact with these people all the time. It doesn’t mean that you hate being around them, but it helps to have the space you need when necessary. It’s difficult to relax when you can see a lot of things in your bedroom. Save these accessories for other areas. You can use unique decorations for your living room, but the bathroom should be as simple as possible.

Final reminders

Improving your bathroom is necessary if you want to have a more relaxing bath. You should invest in anything that spruces up your bathing experience. Before you start doing these changes, you have to remember these tips.

* Set a budget. You have to prioritize the changes you want to see right away. You don’t need to spend on all changes at once. You will be under immense pressure if you spend more than what you can afford at that moment.

* Always be bold with your choices. There’s nothing wrong with considering existing designs. If they look good and you think they will suit your bathroom, you can have them. However, there’s no need to conform to the norms and follow the trends. Choose designs that would be suitable for your home and make you feel relaxed.

* The quality of your bath should be the priority. Before investing in bathroom accessories for aesthetic reasons, you should prioritize items related to a more relaxing bath. A steam shower with a filter should be the first thing to invest in. The rest can follow.

Hopefully, these changes will elevate your bathing experience.

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