Violet Summers -Age, Biography, Family, Dating Life And More!

Who Is Violet Summers

The number of stars and influencers is becoming seemingly higher every day. Social media platforms Luke Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., give birth to several influencers. These influencers or models do grab a lot of attention from them. Such is the case with Violet Summers. You have come to the right place if you want to know more about her.

Apart from influencers and models born from social media and the attention, you might have heard a few rumors about Violet. Before believing in any rumors, it is necessary for you to be aware of the actual facts. Violet has inspired many people with her looks and her lifestyle.

In this article, we have covered all the information about the model and influencer. So, let’s dive into the details below!

Who Is Violet Summers?

You might have come across many models and influencers across social media Platforms. It is likely that you might have encountered Violet Summers. Violet is an American model and Instagram star. She has also been known to be a famous social media personality

She has gained popularity and fame because of how she carries herself. Her dressing sense has been hyped a lot. She has many followers and fans across her social media accounts. Apart from vivid social media platforms, Summer also has a YouTube channel with lots of subscribers.

Violet Summer’s Youth

Several readers might be surprised to know about the beginning of Summer’s acting career. She started acting when she was just three years old. She started her acting career when she was very young. She also acquired multiple awards for being a singer and an actor when she was nine years old. Summer appeared on television first when she turned ten years old.

As Summer turned older, she also played several roles in popular shows such as Criminal Minds, 24, and Prison Break. Surprisingly, she also continued her singing career with acting. In 2009, Summer moved to Los Angeles. She was able to get a role in A Cinderella Story in Los Angeles. Summer played a role in “Once upon a Song” in 2011 along with Selena Gomez as per multiple sources.

The year 2012 was a big break for Violet. She was offered and signed a role by Disney in the superhit show “Good Luck Charlie”. The show aired for four seasons until 2014. Violet was also involved in an on stage theatre production when she moved to Florida from Texas at the age of eight years old. Her parents being actors, encouraged Summer to pursue her acting career.

Violet Summer’s Biography

Violet Summer’s Biography 

Violet has been known for inspiring many women to be confident about their skin color. She is a successful American model. She has won several awards for her appearance regarding style and dressing sense. Early followers might have noticed the rise in the number of followers on Summer’s Instagram account. Also, Summer has been frequently asked questions related to her personal life as she has many followers on Twitter. Some users have also heard rumors about Violet getting plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Summer’s family moved to Los Angeles when she was five years old. Some sources have claimed that Summer married the famous star Charlie Sheen who has been for his work in “Two and a half men”. She completed her education in California by graduating from the 1998-1999 school year by scoring a decent GPA of 4.8.

Physical Appearance of Violet

Summer is currently 22 years old. As for her age and her beautiful looks, many users might be interested in her appearance. She is 5 feet 4 inches or 162 cms tall in height and she weighs around 60 kg or 132 lbs. Her body measurements are 34-26-35 inches and her chest size is 33 C.Violet comes from a mixed ethnicity. She has brown colored hair and light brown eyes.

Violet’s Educational Life

Violet attended multiple schools starting from  Lillard Elementary school in Doraville, Hollydale Middle School, and for her highschool, she transferred to Henry W. Grady High School. She scored GPA of 3.2, during highschool graduation and got accepted into Duke University, Princeton University,, and Johns Hopkins University for college in 2012. Summers choose Princeton University for her undergraduate studies. She was part of a community called TigerCares that helped other organizations financially. Such organizations included ‘Room To Read’ which taught girls to read in Africa.

Violet graduated in 2016 with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry and Global Health Studies scoring a GPA of 4.0. She also worked as a BioMerieux intern under Dr. Anne Sklarsky in her Freshman year of college. During the internship, she learned the effects of bacteria on humans. Apart from her studies, she also took interest in volleyball during her years at Princeton University.

Summer graduated with summa cum laude honors from Princeton University. She also got rewarded a $5 million grant by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to pursue her doctoral studies.

Family and Siblings

Violet is currently a resident of Los Angeles. She has a sister named Riley Summers. Her father’s name is Adam Summers and Charlie Summers is her mother. Apart from these things, very few details have been revealed about her family.

Violet’s Dating Life

Violet’s Dating Life

There are many rumours claiming that Violet has been married to Charlie Sheen. However, there is no official word about Summers being married or dating someone. Violet prefers to keep her personal life private and confidential. We will keep this article updated in case any update comes around.

More Info About Violet’s Career and Profession

Violet Summer made her acting debut in an American drama series titled “How To Get Away With Murder” in 2014. She has also played a role in a comedy web series called “#Hashtaggers”. She is also known to be currently working for a role in a movie named “I Am Not An Easy Man”. She also appeared in a television series titled Blunt Talk in 2017.

Apart from these shows and series, Violet is also known for her work in several other films and shows. Her career and profession are mainly focused on acting and singing. Unfortunately, there are some rumours about get career as well.

Income And Net Worth

You might be curious to know how much Violet earns and what is the source of her income. She mostly earns from her acting roles and her YouTube channel named after her. As per some sources, she earns nearly $15k – $50k each month from her uploaded videos on the channel. Violet’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollars.

Social Media Accounts

Violet is known for her Social media personality and the number of followers she has. Her Instagram account has nearly 13 million followers. You can also find her on Twitter and Snapchat along with her YouTube Channel.

Summers’ Achievements

As of now, she is not known to receive any awards or nominations from get and roles in several movies and shows. She has been acting and singing since her childhood. She did not receive any formal training or certification. But, she is widely known for her work in different shows and songs.

Interesting Facts About Violet:

  • Summers love to travel and is fond of photography
  • She has an amazing appearance and a beautiful figure
  • Violet is a supportive and fun person
  • She has grown to become an extrovert


1. Is Violet married? 

There are many rumours about Violet Summers being married. Although, there is no official word and nothing is confirmed.

2. What is the age of Violet? 

Violet Summers is currently 22 years old and situated in Los Angeles.

3. What is Violet’s primary profession?

She mostly pursues a career in acting and has played many roles in multiple movies and shows.