Every manager wants to have a considerable amount of control on one’s employees. Do not get the wrong idea here. The control is not about controlling their private lives but the control to make them do the work they are supposed to do within the time that is allotted to them.

Problems faced by managers when it comes to productivity and imminent deadlines

Getting people do your work is an uphill task. To convince them it is their job (not that they do not know) and they must do it, is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes deadlines are not met because an employee gives you a last minute excuse. Sometimes they are absent without leave.

What is this trick?

The employee remains absent on an important day and the next day he arrives and tells you that his grandpa passed away. Chances are he could go out somewhere else maybe on a vacation and lying. People usually make planning on texts. So what if you could have access to his/her texts.

  • Yes, you can have access to their texts

If you really want to find out, what your employees were planning or what they are planning right now when you have to submit this project in next 24 hours, you can spy on their conversations in their phones. There are many apps that let you look up text messages from another phone. You can always be one step ahead of them because you will know all of their plans then. You will know if they are willing to work extra to submit the project within the deadline or are just trying to find excuses to not make that happen.

One thing to keep in mind

Just make sure you use trusted software or an app from a recognized brand. Free or cheap software could put your data and even your employees’ data and private lives at risk.