Types of Vape Coils

Coils are essential components of any vape device, heating up e-liquid and producing vapor. With so many types and materials available, knowing which one to select can make all the difference in your experience.

Some coils are constructed with just one wire strand, while others feature multiple braided or wrapped strands – known as twisted coils. Twisted coils create more surface area for your vape juice to vaporize, which in turn enhances the flavor you experience from it.

  1. Kanthal

Kanthal is the most sought-after vape coil material due to its affordability and ease of workability. It comes in various resistances and resistance ranges, making it suitable for both tank coils and prebuilt coils for rebuildable atomizers. Kanthal makes for easy coil construction too!

This device boasts a fast ramp-up time and is ideal for high-wattage vaping. Plus, its soft plastic construction makes working with wire effortless – making it the ideal starter device.

  1. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a widely-used wire material for vape coils due to its versatility – it can be used both in wattage mode and temperature control mode, making it an incredibly versatile wire material.

Stainless steel is easy to work with and retains its shape well, enabling you to create a variety of คอยล์ designs and shapes without fear of damage to the wire.

  1. Nickel

Nickel is a metal commonly utilized in advanced vape devices and kits. Due to its high-Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), nickel can often be employed in temperature control mode.

Nickel is a popular choice among vapers due to its intense flavor and cloud production capabilities. Unfortunately, nickel can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals; we advise using nickel only for those who aren’t sensitive to it.

  1. Titanium

Titanium is an ideal metal for vaping coils, especially when combined with temperature control mods. It’s inexpensive and straightforward to work with, plus titanium holds its shape well.

However, fire safety should still be taken into consideration as it’s difficult to put out a fire, and heated metals release toxic compounds when heated up.

  1. Nichrome

Nichrome is a nickel-chromium alloy popular for RDA coils. It’s an advantageous alternative to kanthal as it retains its shape and ramps up quickly, though it may melt or burn during wicking.

Nichrome is an ideal option for vapers who prefer adjustable wattage and temperature control settings, similar to stainless steel. You can find it at B&M stores or online, offering much longer battery life than kanthal and a cooler experience overall.

  1. Ceramic

Ceramic is a porous material that absorbs oil distillates, making it ideal for vapor production. Furthermore, ceramic offers good temperature regulation and prevents spit back.

However, some people worry that the crystalline silica dust left behind in coils after they are taken from their molds could be hazardous to human health.