Types of Soccer Bets – Specials & Props

Proposal bets are easily one of the most common ways to bet on soccer these days, or props for short. These are also known as specials, wagers on incidents that during a soccer game can (or may not) occur. As a consequence, these incidents usually do not influence the game’s actual outcome.

One of the most common soccer props, for example, is which player would score the first goal in a game. For any participating team, bookmakers and betting sites give odds, so you can select any player you want.

Goal-Based Soccer Props


  • First team to score


We have to choose the team we think will score the first goal, as the name suggests. If we choose the correct team, we win our wager, and if we don’t, we lose our wager. A standard market looks like this for this wager.

You may have expected to see only two choices here. A Manchester United one, and a Liverpool one. However, there is, of course, the third way. Neither team is likely to score, which is why No Goal” is an option in this market.

We can play judi bola online and judi bola terpercaya and various related activities also can be played. Please notice that some bookmakers and betting sites also have a prop for the Last team to win. It operates the same way but is based on which team scores the last goal instead of the first goal.


  • Time of the first goal


With this prop, we have to decide when we think we can score the first goal. No matter which team scores the goal, it’s all about the minute in which it’s scored. Here’s the look of a typical business.

We do not have to get the exact time right, as you can see. That would be impossible! We have 15-minute intervals to choose from instead, which makes it a little simpler.


  • Odd or even goals


This prop is clearly about whether it would be odd or even the total number of goals. Zero targets normally count as even, but for certain bookmakers or betting sites, it’s a drive.


  • Goals in both halves


This is a quick wager on yes/no. If we think there will be goals scored in both halves of a match, we bet on “Yes” and we bet on “No if we think there will be goals in just one half of a match (or no goals at all).


  • Half with most goals


We’re betting here on whether more goals will be scored in the first half or more goals in the second half. Like this, a typical business looks.

You can see that we have the option of betting on the tie as well. We would take this option if we felt that there would be the same number of goals scored in the first half as in the second half.

If betting on goals appeals to you, you should realize that there are also many other soccer wagers focused on goals.

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