Top Preschool Fundraiser Products

If you are looking to hold a sales fundraiser to raise money for your preschool fundraising event, you need to focus on products that are valuable and sellable. These preschool fundraising ideas focus on the top products to help you have productive fundraising.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit

You can hold a productive fundraising event for your preschool by selling wholesale products. You buy these products at the lowest possible rate or get flexible deals so that you can sell at your fundraising for a profit that goes into your intended project. Putting up great and valuable products for sale can significantly contribute to the success of your fundraising event.

If you are confused about products to sell at your next fundraising, you can try to choose from the list of these top preschool fundraiser products;

Flower and flower bulbs

Flowers and flower bulbs are great products to sell at your next preschool fundraiser. They are great products for mother’s day, spring, Christmas holidays, and Valentine’s Day. Flower and flower bulbs are a great fundraiser because everyone loves flowers; they are irresistible.  Reach out to a flower bulb company and get flower brochures the kids can show to their families. They get to choose from the beautiful flower bulbs in the brochure. Place the orders and get up to 50% profit. Choose companies with best deals; no upfront payment, free shipping, and free order forms,

Custom T-shirt

Kids custom T-Shirt is one of the top products you can sell to raise funds in a preschool. Every kid would love to have one. Ensure to reach out to companies that can make quality t-shirts so that they can get the value of their money. You can have the kids’ names customized on the T-Shirt or have a common inscription for everyone. Give everyone the chance to select the color of their choice and enjoy a colorful fundraising event.

Cookie Dough

Cookie dough is an all-time top seller for a preschool fundraiser. The kids love cookies and the parents also do. Cookies sell out well. Contact cookie dough companies that can deliver fresh home-baked cookies. They taste good and smell good. Cookies are loved by all. Some cookie dough companies you can order your cookies from are Pre-portioned Cookie Dough Fundraising Catalog, $10 Cookie Dough Catalog,  $16 Cookie Dough Fundraisers, and Edible Cookie Dough Fundraisers.


Lollipops are a great product for your preschool fundraiser. Kids love lollipops and this is why it sells out good. You can sell lollipops for twice the cost and direct the profit to your intended project. This is a double investment, which is a good profit. These sticks of sweetness come in different exciting flavors. The kids can enjoy their favorite lollipop flavor at your next fundraiser. You can make maximum profit from lollipop sale.

Calendar Art

Involve the kids in the fundraiser by letting them design a calendar art. Let the kids create arts and use them to create customized calendars and print. Hold a sale and let parents buy the calendars for family and friends.

Calendar art is a top seller because every parent would love to buy their kids’ designs. It also brings out the creativity in kids and lets them explore their interests.

Candle Fundraisers

Provide a selection of good smelling aromatherapy candles. You can make up to 70% sales on candle sales. Candle sales are easy to organize. Find a candle fundraising company to order nicely scented candles from. Get their brochures to show your supporters. Put the orders together and send it off to the candle company. Get your deliveries from the candle company and deliver to your supporters. Candles are fascinating and they sell out fast.


How about some gourmet popcorn or chocolate popcorn for your next fundraising? Popcorn sells fast because everyone loves popcorn. The popcorn sale is profitable and can raise funds as quickly as possible. Order popcorn in tasty and exciting flavors that the kids and their parents can’t resist.

Get popcorn from popcorn companies at a good price you can make a profit off. You can get up to 50% profit and more from popcorn sales.

Gift wraps

Gift wraps are a good preschool fundraiser product. This fundraiser instills the act of giving in children from a young age. They also want to do something appreciative of their loved ones. So, they would love to buy their loved ones gifts. Provide gifts that sell at $2 upwards.