Top 10 Educational Field Trip Ideas for Middle School Students

Middle school class is considered the perfect moment to perform fun and exciting field trips. It is the transition period between elementary and high school. Also, it is the very last stop to experience childhood activities because going to high school will step up everything.

For students, middle school is a great way to experience school travels and field trips. The reason is it allows you to explore new and more exciting places. For this reason, teachers of these classes are worried about the planning and execution of different field trip ideas.

In this article, we collate some of the most manageable lists of popular middle school field trip ideas. So, brTo learn more about educational travel, be sure to visit ETC. ing your PTA members and start reading this fun and fantastic field trip ideas for your kids.

1.Field Trip in the Theater

One of the unique field trip ideas that you can select for middle school students is broadway musicals. This kind of entertainment allows each student to experience the never before seen act during their school days. Also, it will enable each student to enjoy some cultural education which they didn’t encounter throughout the year.

Theater, classical music and dramas are some of the examples of theatrical acts that you can organize during middle school field trips.

Make sure to visit the New York Broadway scene in New York. It is considered one of the most exceptional theatrical art in the United States.

  1. Try the Planetarium

The planetarium field trip is the best option if you want to experience outer space adventure. Using it’s latest technology, students in middle school will enjoy this kind of special trip.

Students can explore different kinds of constellations, planets, and even stars in close encounters. Your class can walk away with lots of new knowledge after visiting the planetarium studios.

  1. Visit the Zoo

If you want your students to gain more knowledge about different kinds of animals, then it’s time to bring them to the zoo. Middle school students will enjoy field trips in the zoo. They can interact with different kinds of animals.

Spending a day with the animals in the zoo is a fun and effective way to bring each student closer to their domestic pets.

  1. Visit Botanical Gardens and National Parks

Going to a botanical garden is an effective way to teach your middle school students about the importance of exotic and local flowers in your garden. These flowers are essential in the food chain. Bees want to gather pollen inside the flowers anytime they want.

Furthermore, visiting many national parks in your city can teach your students the importance of wildlife conservation lessons.

  1. Cooking Class

Check for any local chef in your town. Next, see for yourself if they can arrange a cooking class for middle school students. Chefs will take this opportunity to create a good relationship with prospective students who will grow up to be future chefs someday.

  1. Fire Station

Most of the students like to be a fireman. They always love to be a part of rescue jobs. Take this excellent opportunity to arrange the students to visit a fire station to explore lots of fire fighting stuff such as fire extinguishers, fire hose, and many more.

It will create a strong bond in the community involved in the said activity.

  1. Create a Wilderness Survival

You can teach you, students, how to survive in the outdoor activities using a wilderness survival field trip.

Together with a local guide or PTA members, create a wilderness survival camp. You can select a survival kit that can be used in building shelter, preparing food. What to do in case you encounter wildlife animals.

  1. Farmhouses

If you want a one of a kind field trip experience, select a farmhouse trip. Coordinate with local farms to check any of them can offer their private ranch for the students.

It is the perfect moment to know the life of a simple farmer. In the farm ranch, you can:

  • Learn how to take care of the horses and cows
  • They can learn how to plant crops. Also, which of those are suitable during the spring, summer, and fall season.
  1. National Museum

Check nearby monuments and museums in your local places. Next, coordinate with them and bring your middle school students to witness the national treasure of your city.

Make sure to find a way to get the students inside the museums for free!

  1. Visit the local government office

Most of the time, the state government offers a free tour for the students. Take this opportunity to visit the place, especially the mayor’s office. They love to meet young and talented students. Please have a little lecture about their role in the government.