Varieties of Toilet

There are quite a few varieties of toilets you can consider depending on your needs and preferences. However, the many choices can make it overwhelming to pick the right toilet bowl for your Singapore home. Here is a list of each toilet bowl type and how they differ from the other.

Dual-Flush Toilets

This type of toilet has a half flush and a full flush option. You can get the advantage of water efficiency with a dual flush toilet since you would not have to use the same volume for each flush. Dual-flush toilets are at a higher price than most but are better choices for the environment and your budget.

Double Cyclone Toilets

This type of toilet bowl is the latest option in the market. If you do not like wasting water, this is the perfect toilet bowl for your Singapore home. It uses less water while having the same power as a full flush. However, it is not as efficient as a dual flush toilet though it is eco-friendly.

Pressure Assisted Toilets

This type of toilet has a powerful flush due to the mechanism using pressurized air to force the water out. Pressure assisted toilet bowls suit larger households that use toilets more frequently. A downside to this type of toilet is that it can be noisy.

Gravity-Flush Toilet

It is the most commonly used type of toilet bowl in domestic Singapore properties. Gravity flush toilets push all the waste through a trap way after releasing water stored in a tank. This type of toilet is silent and has fewer parts making it easy to maintain. It also rarely gets clogged.

Composting Toilets

This type of toilet uses composting that treats human waste through bulking materials like sawdust, wood chips, coconut coir, or peat moss. Properly composted waste products are safe and easy to handle. The finished product has no unpleasant odour since all liquids have evaporated. It reduces the need for commercial fertilizers and preserves local water quality. Composting toilets can be an elegant addition to your modern bathroom if properly used and maintained.

Dry Sanitation Toilets

It is a type of toilet that does not use any water when flushing. Dry Sanitation toilets are suitable for areas with underdeveloped infrastructure and deficiency problems in water and the environment. This type of toilet is not popular in residential areas. You mainly see dry sanitation toilets at outdoor event sites or camping areas.

Upflush Toilets

Installing this type of toilet bowl in your Singapore home eliminates the need for drilling holes into your floor and for complex plumbing systems. Upflush toilets can fit anywhere in your home and are virtually fully mobile. The primary difference between this toilet type and standard toilet fixtures is how the discharge system uses a macerator toilet unit and a small pipe. The macerator processes human waste and toilet paper, and the resulting mixture moves through an upward pipe into the sewage system, septic or holding tank.

Portable Toilets

You can effortlessly transport these small toilets to any place. Portable toilets are suitable for hiking, camping, festivals and any other outdoor activities. It can help keep the environment clean and protected.


Types of Flushing Mechanisms


The type of flushing mechanism you choose for your home’s toilet might have an impact on your water bills. Here is a list of toilet flush systems that you can choose from for your home.

#1 Single Flush Units

This type only has one mechanism for both liquid and solid wastes. It is the most common type of all the toilet flush systems in domestic houses. However, it can not be environmentally friendly since it uses a lot of water. Additionally, the button for this type of flush system often breaks easily.

#2 Dual Flush Units

As discussed above, this type has two flushing options that cater to liquid and solid wastes. This type of toilet flushing system is becoming popular. It can help homeowners save more money on their water bills. The long term usage you can get from it more than makes up for its higher price tag.

#3 Touchless Flushing

Motion sensors activate the mechanisms of touchless toilet flushing systems. It makes the system convenient, modern and hygienic. Public restrooms in commercial and office buildings often use this kind of system.

#4 Flushometer Valve

The flushometer valve mechanism is suitable for tankless toilets. It has an effective system though it only uses two parts. Commercial, industrial, and institutional restrooms commonly use flushometer valve mechanisms.

The-image-of-an-automatic-flushing-system-at-a-public-restroomEssential Design Choices for Your Toilet


Here are a few toilet bowl design choices for your Singapore home’s bathroom you should consider.

Standard Toilet Dimension

Most one-piece toilets have heights that vary between 53cm to 79cm and have a depth of 25.5cm to 40.5 cm. The width of the rim is never over 51cm. On the other hand, two-piece toilets are not as low, with heights ranging from 66cm to 81cm.

Types of Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowls come in two types–round and elongated. Get the kind of toilet bowl for your Singapore home according to the size of your bathroom. Many say that round toilets fit smaller bathrooms better. On the other hand, elongated toilets are more comfortable to use based on the opinions of many.

Types of Outlet Trapways

Outlet trapways come in three types: skirted, concealed and exposed. Skirted trapways offer a cleaner line from front to back. The backs of concealed types where trapways are visible have a smooth surface. On the other hand, it is more challenging to clean exposed trapwaysdue to their location.

No matter which you choose, TOTO is one of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore and around the world. They boast a rich artistic heritage in pottery and porcelain since their foundation in the early 1900s in Japan. TOTO offers a wide range of toilet bowl designs in their product catalogue. You can buy a unit that has a bidet built into the toilet seat from Singapore home improvement stores. Look for a TOTO toilet for your Singapore home.