The days of negotiating may seem long gone but rest assured that the practice is still alive and well, and the storage industry is no exception in certain cases. The ability to negotiate on rates for storage units is much greater for those who are need longer term storage. However, here are some ways to get the best rates, regardless of the term of storage.

1. Look at Options and Rates Online

Gain bartering power for your negotiations by knowing what the going rate is for comparable storage units in your area. If you see a place that has significantly higher rates, you might be able to haggle the higher priced option down a bit by talking to a manager. However, if the unit is climate controlled, expect to pay more as a baseline.

2. Inquire About Any Deals

Sometimes a facility will offer unadvertised deals, group discounts, or referral bonuses, and many will have special offers available exclusively on their website or social media. These may require registering online and reserving a unit in order to get the deal or a lower guaranteed rate than the posted price.

Be sure to ask about any discounts for seniors, students, military members, or first responders, and inquire if there are any perks like a month at no charge, complimentary packing supplies or a free storage lock.

3. Get a Lower Rate with a Long-Term Agreement

If you know you will need the unit for three months or longer and aren’t able to utilize any other type of discounts when enrolling, you can likely have a talk with the facility’s staff about a long-term contract discount. They win by knowing the space will be filled, and you get to keep more money in your wallet.

Is There Self Storage Near Me?

If you find yourself asking “Is there self-storage near me?” you’re likely to be in luck, as there are typically quite a few in most communities—even rural ones. Check online and be ready to negotiate with facility managers to potentially save big on self-storage rates.