Tips For Choosing The Right Frame For Your Art Prints


Reading this article means you’re unsure what kind of frame to use for your client’s art prints. With so many options to choose from, we understand why it can be overwhelming to make the right decision.

Installing your art prints on the right frame can maximise the beauty of your creation and add a touch of flair and luxury. The criteria will depend on the characteristics of your image. For instance, a print-on-demand oak frame would look lovely on traditional and vintage art prints.

Before you start drop-shipping art prints, here is some helpful advice to help you make an informed decision on which frame to use:

Partner with a Reliable Framing Service

The first step to achieving the perfect art print frame is to look for the best service. While it sounds cheaper to pick a frame from your nearest furniture store, a professional framer can guide you expertly in the entire process and produce better results.

If you have already partnered with reliable on-demand printing services, there is a significant chance they can also frame your works. We recommend Printribe and their quick, customisable printing and framing offers.

Art Colour

Frames should enhance the appearance of the artwork, not overpower it. As much as possible, you want all eyes to focus on the illustration, so be sure to choose a frame that is not too distracting.

When determining the frame colour, avoid the ones that closely match the hues on your artwork. While having a less eye-catching frame than the image is essential, those that blend in too well are not ideal, either.

Try contrasting the colours of the frame with the artwork to make the artwork stand out.

Frame Size

Your frame size typically depends on preference, though you can consult a professional to get the ideal proportions.

A general rule of thumb is to get a frame 75% of the furniture width the art print will be displayed against. Additionally, try not to overlook the frame mounts since these pieces can give an appropriate breathing space between the frame and the image.

Remember, your goal is to make the art print stand out, so choose a frame and mount capable of making your creation more attention-grabbing.

Don’t Know Where to Customise Art Prints?

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