Things Which Made Mined Diamonds Bad

Today everyone wants new and stylish jewelry. But in today’s time, everyone wants to gift a unique symbol for gifting their loved ones.

When you go to market, to buy a diamond ring or diamond jewelry for gifting to someone. It is difficult to choose the correct diamond. In the market, you can’t choose which diamond is real or not. There are many factories in the diamond industry, which show a fake diamond with the refurnish certificate of the diamond.

Many times they send a diamond to the lab, to check and get it like it is new and get a certificate that the diamond is new. But, if you don’t want to buy these types of diamonds, then use man-made diamonds. Yes, there are also man-made diamonds are available in the market. You can buy them, but for this also you have a great knowledge of diamonds.

Because of natural diamonds, there is an increment in many things which are harmful to our life. Also, corruption is a part of that natural diamonds. Because of the natural diamonds, the mines destroy the ecosystem, the water system, which we get from the soil but now in many areas, there is no water in the underground. Deforestation is increased day by day, and the soil lost its capacity for growing grain. These are called, ‘Mined Diamonds Bad Karma. In my opinion, no one wants to be a part of this bad Karma. So please stop buying these mined diamonds, which destroy our earth.

The natural diamonds, which are found in the mines, many children labor work for this and it is illegal and shameful, that the little children work in those mines. Many countries banned on the work of children and there is a punishment for this if someone found that he forced a child to work.

Sometimes, it happens that people sold their old diamond rings and the diamond in the ring is damaged, or maybe the quality of the diamond is not so good. But the buyer or shopkeeper takes it from them and after that, he sends the diamond to the lab, and after sometime they get the diamond from the lab with a certificate that it is real and from the natural mine. No one bears it that the diamond which they bought for their loved one and it is fake or old or they gift the old diamond to them.

In other words, we say that the natural mines of the diamond are killer of our earth, eco-system, and they destroy the future of many children. This is a ‘bad-karma’, never be a part of the bad-karma. This is found that you can use the diamond which is good in quality, are not a part of the bad-karma and you get a new and fine diamond for gifting your loved one and you will be a part of good-karma rather than bad-karma or not a part of illegal work. So, get a diamond which is a result of good karma and also have good qualities.