Things to Look for in an Ice Manufacturer

There are many reasons you might be looking for an ice manufacturer for you, your store, or your company. You may need ice in large quantities, in heat-sealed bags, in blocks, or you may not have room to store the ice you need for an event. Regardless, here are a few things to look for when choosing an ice manufacturer:

When you buy ice, you want it to be quality-made, and you want it to taste good. When looking for a manufacturer, look for someone who uses advanced water filtration technology. This gives you high-quality ice. This means it isn’t just culinary water that’s frozen before selling. It means that it’s UV treated, and uses the latest carbon and osmosis treatments. These factors make some ice manufacturers great options. Their product tastes delicious and you can be confident when you serve it or distribute it to others.

You want to be sure that when you’re using ice, it is safe for eating and drinking. One way that some ice manufacturers do this is by using food-grade equipment. This means that the materials used are non-toxic and the ice produced is safe for consumption. It is also a hands-free process, meaning it is more sanitary than a lot of other makers/distributors, and you will be the first person to touch the ice that you order.

One of the biggest details that manufacturers incorporate into their ice is the size and shape of their ice, as well as the packaging. You want someone who offers what you are looking for, whether those are ice cubes or ice blocks. Some companies offer custom sizes and you can even order up to 2000 pounds of ice in totes! Ice can melt and lose its form easily, so it’s important that you can have your ice delivered to you in the same condition that you ordered it in. Heat-sealed bags are a great option for this, as tote to help keep your order frozen.

When you’re ordering ice, look for a manufacturer who works efficiently and who makes quality, clean products. You want to be able to order the size and amount of your ice that you need, so look for someone who carries what you are looking for. And most importantly, make sure it’s a brand that you would enjoy consuming just as much as the people you are ordering it for.

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