Are You Interested to Improve Your Garage Lighting?

Most of you either be using your garage for parking your car or using it as a workshop or a storage hub, but in all cases, you will need good lighting in the garage. Yet most garages that you will find are very poorly lit, and hence it becomes very difficult to navigate and may cause eye strain.

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For better illumination of your garage, boosting the visibility, efficiency, safety, and also the beauty of the garage space, you may use the following few smart measures:

  • Don’t just prefer only overhead lighting

As your garage will be mostly used for multiple purposes therefore it is best to layer your illumination so that you can have the right amount of light for parking, storage, handiwork, and display. So, you must have all forms of lighting.

  • Choose your fixtures based on function

You must therefore choose your fixtures for ambient lighting, task lighting, and also accent lighting while illuminating your garage. Based on your specific need, you can use any form of light in the garage.

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  • Measure your garage to decide the actual light output requirements

A thumb rule for proper lighting is to go for 50 lumens/square foot area for ambient illumination, 300 lumens/square foot for areas that need task lighting, as well as a moderate amount of 75 lumens per square foot for the accent lighting.

  • Buy bulbs of appropriate wattage

You can multiply the number of lumens by the square footage area of your functional portion of the garage to figure out your number of light bulbs needed to meet your light output requirements.

  • Swap your incandescent bulbs with LED or fluorescent equivalents

If you want to reduce your electric bills, then light your garage by using energy-efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs which can deliver the same light that incandescent bulbs can offer. For example, a 14-Watt fluorescent bulb or a 10-Watt LED or can deliver the same light output as your 60-Watt incandescent bulb can offer.

  • Select bulbs with a higher CRI

To make sure that your garage lighting will realistically render the color of paint, woodworks, and other items that you may work on here, prefer bulbs with a proper Color Rendering Index of 85 to 100. Here, a value of 100 will represent the CRI of daylight during midday.

  • Install motion sensors

By installing motion sensors, you can lower your electricity consumption to save money by automatically switching off the lights after some time if they are not able to detect movement in that space.

  • Incorporate natural light

If you have got a sufficient amount of your budget and time for remodeling your garage, then try to consider installing a skylight or window. Natural light will boost the overall brightness and warmth of the space and also help in reducing electric bills while using the garage as the sun shines in.

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