Things to Know About Elite Boerboels

You should know that the Boerboels come from South Africa, which is an important consideration to remember. At the same time, it is one of the most prominent dog breeds in the last few decades. 

Another important consideration is that Boerboel is a mastiff, which means you will get a powerful, large, and passionate dog. It is a perfect canine that will help you deal with various responsibilities especially guarding your home. You should check out more about Elite Boerboels, which will help you determine the best course of action. 

It is challenging to scare them, and stories state that they can deal with lions, which is essential to remember.

We decided to present you with a few things you did not know about South African Mastiff.



It is vital to remember that some dogs come with nicknames. For instance, this breed is also known as the South African mastiff. The second part is important because it refers to Molosser dogs’ example, while the first one states its initial habitat.

Another essential consideration you should understand is that Molossers include a wide array of breeds that are direct descendants of a particular shepherd dog from Molossia or ancient Epirus.

We are talking about large breeds that come with short necks, pendant ears, and broad muzzles. Of course, you can find numerous smaller breeds that are part of Molosser dogs.


  • Name Comes from Afrikaans and Means a Few Things


You should know that the Boerboels common name comes from a language that particular people speak in South Africa and other countries next to it. It is the Afrikaans language that features portions of Dutch or a Hollandic dialect.

However, it did not reach evolution to a point where it can be a specific language. It is vital to remember that its name comes with different meanings. For instance, a boer in Dutch means a farmer. 

You should click here to learn more about this particular breed. 

On the other hand, it is also a meaning for descendants of Dutch-speaking settlers within South Africa. A boel is a slang meaning for a dog, which means that the entire word can mean Boer’s or farmer’s dog, depending on the context.

Another important consideration is that a Boerboel is a farm dog. Therefore, they are perfect for protecting others and themselves against large predators and lions living in South Africa.

That is why they are perfect and popular with dog owners from across the globe.


  • Uncertain Heritage


Some people believe that Dutch-speaking colonists brought a dog breed with them. Afterward, they combined it with local dogs such as landrace ones. 

Still, we do not have enough information on which breeds have helped and contributed South African mastiff. 

At the same time, they became popular in South Africa. The main reason for that is a contribution Gladiator Dogs, which meant the breed was one of the strongest. 

It would be best if you also remembered that people in some situations Boerboels are known a Velcro dog, which is an essential factor to remember. 

It is because they enjoy being next to owners, and they will try their best to be around your company instead of going around and wandering off.

Things to Know About Boerboel Puppies

Similarly, as with other puppies, you should know that Boerboel puppies are relaxed and straightforward to influence. Since they are brilliant, they will not stay that way as time goes by.

Therefore, you should implement socialization and training from the very start. If you neglect, an easy-going South African mastiff can show traces of aggressiveness. 

Another important consideration is their high price tag compared with other breeds. We recommend you find a prominent breeder with certificates and other factors that will help you get the best puppy for your requirements.

Check out this guide: to learn how to identify a Boerboel with ease.

The mother is large, which means that liter can range between seven to ten puppies, which is an essential factor to remember.

Your Boerboel will reach maturity when it reaches between eighteen and twenty-four months. Remember, they are large breeds, which means you should feed them properly from an early age.