Do You Know How to Take Care of Your Cat?

Whether you’re a cat owner already or planning to become one it’s well worth asking yourself if you really know how to take care of your cat. Even if you’re an experienced and responsible pet owner, it’s still worth brushing up on the fundamentals – in fact, a more responsible cat owner is more likely to!

My Cat is Vomiting, What Do I Do?

If your cat has a seriously upset stomach it can be seriously upsetting, but the time to ask ‘what can you give a cat for vomiting and diarrhea?’ is before the event, so you’re ready and panic less.

You shouldn’t try to starve a sick cat – withholding food is outdated advice that can cause more harm than good. Instead, offer small, regular meals of easily digestible food like boiled chicken, boiled white fish and rice. If your cat seems to be able to keep it down, you can give them more.

You should also make sure your cat has lots of fresh water – it’s very easy for a vomiting cat to get dehydrated and that can cause more health issues. If your cat is ill, it might be less mobile and more reclusive than usual, so make it easy on your cat, and keep their water close to where they’re resting.

If your cat doesn’t recover within two days or shows other concerning symptoms like loss of appetite, lethargy or blood in the stool or vomit, then you should call the vet to get expert help.

Making Your Cat Feel Secure and Safe

If you’re responsible for a cat, a big part of taking care of it is making sure your home is a safe and secure environment – not just in terms of dangers like cables and toxic foods, but also making sure your cat feels psychologically secure there.

Cats need very different things from dogs, for example. Cats need to have at least the option of keeping apart from people – make sure you provide a box with blankets and cushions that your cat can comfortably hide in if it’s not feeling sociable. If your cat’s taking some time to withdraw, don’t pick it up try to play with it or otherwise infringe its personal space – the best thing you can do for your relationship with your cat is let it come to you.

It’s also good to provide vantage points at different points in the room – cats like to climb, and survey their surroundings for threats and prey. A house they can climb around will be a happier house for your cat!