Things to do on South New Zealand Island


New Zealand comprises of the North and South Islands and no holiday would be complete without spending some of your valuable downtime on the southern island. One of the best places to visit is the Marlborough District; one of sixteen regions of New Zealand, Marlborough is known for the sound, which provides shipping with protection. 

Here are a few cool activities when you are on the southern island of New Zealand.

  • Kayaking in Milford Sound – One of the most popular water activities is a guided kayak tour of the best of Milford Sound. Not to be missed under any circumstances, the tour begins with a cruise across the entire length of the sound, including a visit to the Tasman Sea. Another highlight is a guided tour of the underwater floating observatory, the only one of its kind in New Zealand. This is just one of the activities when visiting Picton a beautiful location that everyone loves.
  • Queenstown – The adventure capital of the world – If extreme sports are your thing, you simply have to spend a few days in Queenstown; take a nail-biting ride on a jet boat (a boat with a jet turbine engine) and fly past sheer rock faces at incredible speeds. The boat drivers are only allowed to make the run 500 times, then they must retire; the reason for this is the natural desire to go faster, once you master the river and this is likely to lead to accidents, so driving hours are regulated. The fearless can do the Nevis Bungee Jump, where you leap from a pod that is strung across a deep ravine by steel cables. 440ft of a drop, which gives you about 9 seconds of freefall. There are many other extreme activities in this unique town.
  • Mount Cook – What would a visit to the South Island be without an excursion to Mount Cook? Standing at 3,724m, this unique mountain was named after Sir James Cook, an intrepid explorer in the 18th century. There are 3 summits that attract top mountain climbers from all over the world; the mountain is located in Mount Cook National Park, which has much to offer the visitor. 

The Internet allows you to discover New Zealand long before you set foot on her shores, which enriches the experience.