These are the favorite cakes of British women, in 2022!

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Cakes are appreciated all over the world, by children, men & women of all ages, regardless of their social status or the environment they come from. These desserts not only look extraordinary, but they also have a memorable taste, regardless of the assortment you choose. The British have a special appetite, both literally and figuratively, for sweets because they accompany the tea very well (and we all know they have a real cult for this drink). This is why, in this article, we will present to you their favorite cakes & cookies – and whose tastes can we trust, if not women’s?


These are digestive cookies, with coconut, marshmallows, and cherries. You have to admit that this combination is really unique, but we promise you that it will create a real “symphony” of tastes;

Dundee cake. 

This is the type of cake you either love or hate because of its main ingredient – almonds. It also consists of cherries, sultanas & candied peel, and it first appeared in the late 19th century;


This cake doesn’t look that good, but the taste makes the difference! We’re talking about a sticky cake with flour, oatmeal, black treacle, and lard, to which some add ginger, for extra flavor;

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Madeira cake. 

The name of this dessert might seem surprising, but the fact that it is served with Portuguese wine “clarifies” the mystery (Madeira is also one of the favorite holiday destinations of the British). Oh, the ingredients? This cake is lemon-flavored and is served with icing sugar & orange peel;

Lemon drizzle cake. 

This “stinging” cake reveals its flavors from the first bite, and they can be “tamed” only with a few sips of hot tea, maybe even at 5 o’clock in the afternoon;

Victoria sponge. 

Invented by Queen Victoria’s cooks, in the 19th century, this cake consists of layers of dough, whipped cream & fruit jam (raspberry, apricot, or greengage);

Goosnargh cake. 

Believe it or not, this is the favorite cookie of Birmingham escorts since it’s very delicious & nutritious, and it has a pleasant taste, without being too strong. In conclusion, it’s the perfect snack before a hearty meal, at a luxury restaurant, in the company of an elegant, wealthy man;

Shrewsbury cake. 

These are classic English shortbread biscuits, with lemon, cinnamon & caraway seeds. They take their name from the place where they were first made, all the way back in 1621;

Petticoat tails. 

This delicate dessert is basically a sweet buttery shortbread biscuit, especially appreciated by Mary Queen of Scots, all the way back in the 1500s. For added taste, they are dusted with sugar before being served;

Melting moments.

Last but not least, Melting moments are traditional vanilla-flavored oat biscuits, with desiccated coconut & garnished with glace cherries or other candied fruit. Apart from tea, these delicious cookies can also be served with a glass of milk.

So, what do you think of our list? Is something missing or would you add something? We’re waiting for your answer in the comments section!