The Value Of Rubber Wheel Stops Over Cement Ones Is Hard To Ignore

You might have heard of the term wheel stops. These stops are mainly effective ways to prevent any form of vehicle overhangs just by reducing the clear width of the said accessible routes, which are mainly sidewalks. These stops are mainly responsible for so many trips and falls by the pedestrians in the parking lots mostly. There are multiple materials used for manufacturing these stops and those are metal, concrete, wood or even plastic. So, remember to focus on these points before you plan for the rubber wheel stops. Learning about the product in detail and then presenting with the best solution is always a good goal to follow. So, deal with that point here.

Don’t confuse it with the concrete barriers:

In the parking lot, you will come across some concrete barriers as well. Even though they pretty much do the same thing, some people confuse them with the wheel stops. These concrete barriers are mainly parking blocks or the bigger curb stops. Wheel stops, on the other hand, are smaller barriers, used right at the end of the said parking space. It helps to assist the attentive drivers with parking their said vehicles. These stops are mainly identified as pedestrian based tripping hazards now.

As per the research done, wheel stops should mostly be placed around 3 feet from the current front section of the parking space. It needs to be functional once you have invested some bucks on it. Whenever it remains possible, functional equivalents in any form of curbs or raised sidewalks surrounding planters can be used in lieu of the much awaited wheel stops.

Going for the rubber based wheel stops is always important:

Almost all the available rubber based wheel stops are gaining quite some popularity among the masses. It is because they are made from around 100% recycled rubber, which then gets sourced from various places. These rubbers can always end up in landfill, but instead, those are grounded up and then moulded into that perfect wheel stop. In case you are trying to protect the environment or planning to boost the green credentials with a customer base, then these rubber stops are highly appreciable by the people over here.

Quite simple for you to install with basic tools:

Even when you are dealing with some of the larger sized rubber wheel stops, those items can be easily maneuvered into the place and then will get fixed to the road surface with the help of a single worker. For that, they are going to use the help of some of the basic tools only and nothing much.

  • In comparison to that, the concrete wheel stop is likely to present that tremendous amount to the worker. Multiple workers will be allotted for getting the items into their position and then cement it needed otherwise for pouring.
  • Even with all these efforts in place, the concrete based wheel stop will need some time to cure before it becomes safe for you to use and then will be installed.
  • On the other hand, you have the rubber wheel stops, which are not only easy for you to install but will also remain viable in any temporary application.
  • They are quite simple to deploy and rather quickly, and then you get to collect them when they are not in use any longer.

Now you get the chance to protect your vehicle with rubber wheel stops. Just be sure to get in line with the best manufacturing units and the suppliers for these wheel stops. Once you have these points in hand, things will gladly work out in the right panel. These rubber wheels will ensure that your protection and safety always take the upper hand.

Quite tough and durable to say the least:

Any form of concrete wheel stop can easily crack and chip. With time, water will get right into those cracks and will freeze. During that time, the wheel stop will crack completely. Rubber products, on the other hand, are not going to behave in this manner whenever they are exposed to any of the extreme weather conditions.

Rubber based wheel stops are noted to be quite resilient to any kind of scrape, bump or weather change. In case they are dyed to match any colour scheme or for providing that reflective surface, the colours of such rubber wheel stops won’t fade, which is a good sign. Most of the other stops will rely on the painted surfaces or tape for offering that same function. But, the colours might fade with time and the tape can easily wear and then tear off.

Going for that flexible surface coverage:

Even though the surface might look flat, in reality, it is not and would not be that symmetric as you have asked for it. There are some real construction problems that you have to deal with. Any typical surface will have some bumps, cracks and splits, which will then result in one uneven surface for fixing out that wheel stop.

  • The steel and concrete wheel stops are not at all flexible. They are rigid objects and fitting them in any uneven surface will be one real challenge.
  • The surface might have to be altered, which will lead to some extra work and will increase the project’s costing. Well, you don’t have to face any of such issues with the rubber ones.
  • The rubber wheel stops are noted to be quite flexible and it can easily get moulded to the surface for covering up some of the smaller imperfections.
  • Such options of the rubber stops will make them easier to mount and also less susceptible to the damage, taking place during the installation procedure here.

Get it from experts:

Always make it a point to get the best quality rubber wheel stops from reputed experienced manufacturing units only. They have been into this business for long and will serve you with great results. So, get quality experience in this section for sure.