The Main Advantages of Using Free Cooling

For modern equipment, it is important that the air temperature in the room is maintained within the established limits. If you use an air conditioner of the “open window” type, then any temperature fluctuation outside will lead to overheating or hypothermia of your equipment.

When the energy of cold air is used by a free cooling chiller, the external climatic conditions will not affect the performance of your equipment. It will not affect the temperature stability in the server room. Maintenance of temperature and elimination of overheating zones is the key point of free cooling air cooled chillers.

Maintaining Humidity Levels

The level of humidity supplied by the industrial air conditioning system must be maintained at a level. It should be sufficient for the performance of the server and other equipment. Untreated air from the street can be either excessively dry or oversaturated with moisture. It is the first case that leads to the formation of static electricity, and in the second – to corrosion of important equipment components.

Dust Protection

When the wind rises mountains of dust down the street, industrial air conditioners operating in free-cooling mode will not let such dust into the server room. Thus, the risk of dust accumulation in the server room is eliminated. It could lead to clogged ventilation openings and further overheating of servers and workstations.

Air Distribution to Eliminate Hot Spots

And the last advantage of the free-cooling technology over “open window” type air conditioners and simply air conditioners is the precise control of climatic conditions. It happens at all points of the server room and the timely elimination of local overheating zones. This protects servers and equipment that are currently under heavy load. It protects the server room from emergency situations, for example, during peak hours.