Driving in most UK roads is an exciting experience. However, if you are not competent, the streets can be a death trap. Dangerous driving has been a cause of thousands of preventable accidents that resulted in injuries and sometimes deaths of the drivers and other road users. Being a competent driver helps prevent injuries and makes driving worthwhile. Here are some tips to enhance your driving competence.

Complete a Driver CPC Course

If you are a lorry or bus driver, CPC training is a mandatory part of your practice. All other drivers are encouraged to enroll in the course. Driver CPC courses make you a secure and superior driver with better vehicle handling and faster reaction when faced with different problems on the road. Some modules include fuel efficiency, thereby lowering the carbon footprint along with the cost of fueling the vehicle. Under taking Driver Period CPC course also increases your chances of being hired, should you be looking for work as a professional Driver.

Manage Your Speeds

The speed limits put on the roads are not a target; they are the maximum. Here is an example. Driving at a limit of 50mph may be safe if the weather is clear and the road is not slippery. However, in snowy, wet and foggy weather, the speed may be dangerous. A good driver adjusts optimal speeds, depending on the current environmental conditions.

Have the Vehicle Checked Regularly

It is crucial that you maintain your vehicle in a pristine condition all the time. Ensure that oil is changed during the next service date, coolant checked and wheels balanced regularly. If driving commercial or passenger vehicles, have them inspected in accordance to you operator license and tested annually as per the law. Pick a reputable vehicle inspection services provider to ensure that your vehicle is always performing optimally and safe for the road.

Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating is one of the most dangerous practices done by most drivers, especially during rush hours. The practice is both unsafe and puts everyone at risk, which could end up in road rage. Most drivers are concerned when other vehicles are too close to them. Always use the two-second rule whenever the car in front starts from a stationary point. If you pass the same point before two seconds are over, you are too close.

Competence is a sum of the right qualifications, a quality vehicle and good habits on the road. Refresh your driving skills by taking up regular transport compliance courses, have the vehicle inspected regularly and take all precautions to protect yourself and other road users.