The Five People Your Wedding in Spain Can’t Do Without

A wedding has many skilled people behind the scenes: the couple, vendors, wedding planners, and guests. Destination weddings Spain also have the same idea. You’ll need the right set of people working with you to make it a success. So, who are these people? There are many of them to be honest. But here are the five most important people that weddings Spain cannot do without.

If you want your marriage to be legal, you need an officiant. But that depends on whether you are having your wedding legalized in Spain or not. You could just have your ceremony in Spain in which case your Officiant will be more symbolic. They’ll also play the role of wedding MC, so make sure you work with someone who is energetic, speaks your language fluently and is fun.

  • An Amazing DJ/Wedding Band

A wedding entertainer is a must-have for couples planning to have weddings Spain. A good musician, band or DJ will entertain with music, read the crowd perfectly and match their needs throughout your ceremony. They’ll know when to play lively music to get everyone on their feet and when to play something slow that encourages conversation. So, make sure you work with the best that your Spain weddings budget can afford.

  • A Wedding Day Coordinator

This is the superhero you need to make sure everything goes smoothly on that day. The wedding  coordinator  makes  sure  that  your  weddings  Spain  experience  is  effortlessly enjoyable and will handle all the issues as they come up. They keep the cog spinning behind the scenes. You could work with a full-time wedding planner who will also take on the role of Spain wedding day coordinator at your event. You could also choose to work with a separate wedding day coordinator.

  • A Great Bartender

Investing in a good bartender instantly ensures a better weddings Spain experience for you and your guests. From chatting with your guests, serving them drinks efficiently to giving them a soft drink or water instead, in a subtle inoffensive way where necessary. Wedding bartenders are important and should not be overlooked. Your Spain weddings venue could provide a great one or you might have to find one yourselves. Whichever you get, make sure to confirm that they are fun and great at what they do.

  • A Perfect Photographer

Pictures of your wedding will stay with you forever so you need the right photographer to take them. The photographer should know when to fit into the background and when to be the life of the party. They should not also be afraid to tell your guests to smile for a picture. You’ll also need to work with someone who you are comfortable with.

Your Spain wedding photographer will be with every moment from when you wake up to the last song at your reception. It should at the very least be someone that you like. If you can also get a good photographer who is familiar with your wedding venue, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. They’ll know where the great spots for pictures are and understand how the lighting works. This knowledge will help them capture the best images of you at your wedding.

Getting the right vendors to play these five roles at your wedding is a great start towards the success of your event. Your wedding in Spain can be all that you’ve dreamed and more once your work with the right vendor theme. Best of luck!!