The finest Chinese Dramas You must watch

If you’re a big fan of Chinese web series, you’ve probably looked for the best or most popular Chinese web series on the internet. If you’re looking for Chinese web series, there are basically two types to look out for. Wuxia and xianxia are the two genres in question. Wuxia is a type of fiction that includes martial arts and various thrilling adventures, while xianxia is a type of fantasy that includes Buddhism, Chinese mythologies, Taoism, Chinese culture, and even Chinese martial arts.

The hidden facts of the Three Kingdoms

The first book in this ซีรี่ย์จีน was published in 2008, and it is classified as historical fiction. There are 54 episodes in this series. It’s based on a 14th-century novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series takes place during the late Han Dynasty. For more than 400 years, this Dynasty ruled. The Chinese drama depicts a 20-year period between 200 and 220 CE, when the Han Dynasty’s reign came to an end. However, the time period described in the original novel is a century. As the title suggests, you’ll learn about three different kingdoms and their interrelationships in this series. Every fan will be surprised by the events’ twists and turns. You should definitely watch this series if you’re looking for a grand storyline with beautiful visuals.

Lost in 1949

In the year 2018, this Chinese series was released. This series’ genre is difficult to categorise because it is a mix of suspense, romance, thriller, and action. The series takes place in Communist China. The plot revolves around two characters. They are willing to go to any length for their countries, including giving their lives. But fate has a different plan for them, and they end up crossing paths and falling in love.

Legend of Fuyao

In the year 2018, this Chinese series was released. There are 66 episodes in total. It belongs to the fantasy and romance genres. Fu Yao plays the leading role. In this series, her characterization was fantastic. Her character grows from a shy young lady to a strong and determined woman. Empress Fuyao, a novel by Tianxia Guiyuan, is the basis for this series. The Imperial City of Wuji, which has five kingdoms, is the setting for this series. The plot revolves around a slave girl who travels from place to place in search of a cure for a curse that has plagued her life. She is portrayed as a strong woman with a high level of inner strength. During her travels to various locations, the slave girl Fu Yao learns about Wuji’s crown prince. She, too, has a strong attachment to him. Fu Yao’s character is depicted in a variety of actions and adventures. The romantic plotline is demonstrated by FU Yao and the Wuji crown prince. There are many emotional ups and downs. This series’ themes are extremely popular.

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