6 Ways to Fundraise for your Child Care

Running a child care center is not that easy as it looks. The most common problem a child care center often encounters is the lack of funds. There are some reasons why funds are becoming a problem for child care centers. One factor could be the increasing cost of operation. We all know that child care centers need to upgrade facilities to maximize their potential for providing child care learning. The cost of supplies is also part of the operating expense. Low enrolment could be another reason for funds to be limited. For whatever reason – whatever is causing the fund shortage, there is always a solution – organize a child care fundraiser.  For the best preschool and elementary school fundraising solutions, visit www.fundraisingzone.com

Child care fundraisers are common in the USA, and there is a long list of fundraisers to choose from. A fundraiser doesn’t need to be complex. The key is to create fun while raising funds. Below are six easy ways to raise funds for your child care.

Bake Sale

Bake sale is easy to organize. The child care center will simply bake some fudge, pies, cookies, or chocolate chips. The baked goods will be sold to parents and the funds come rolling in. To a more profitable bake sale, you may ask parents to bake their own homemade recipe, the center will organize the sale. You may give a portion of the proceeds to the parents and keep the remaining for the fundraiser.

Recipe Book Sale

Creating a recipe book may seem a bit difficult. You may already have recipes readily available from the child care kitchen. You simply need to compile the recipes that you observed to be the kids’ favorites. Almost every family is keeping its own unique recipes. You may ask each of them to produce a recipe book. You may suggest using their computer’s word processor to keep the cost low. You may also produce digital copies of the recipe books to sell online.

Customized Calendar Sale

Calendars are not always printed in a printing press. You also don’t need expensive applications to design and print calendars. There are many online applications you can find on the internet that allows you to print customized calendars. Best of all is you can make them for free! You may take candid pictures of your students while playing or working on some child care projects. You can include these pictures in your calendar. Just be sure you ask permission to the parents if they agree that you can use their children’s photos for the calendars. If there is an issue with using the children’s photos, you may simply take shots of their artwork projects. Calendars are also a great tool for passive advertising.

T-shirt Sales

T-shirt sales can also be a lucrative child care fundraiser. Children can do a paint-a-shirt project and sell them to raise funds. Your child care center can search for an online print-on-demand service provider. You can team up with them and they can help with the sales online and then share profits. One easy way is to create t-shirts bearing your child care brand. The t-shirts are sold as part of the enrolment package. This way parents may feel a sense of belonging to your child care center.

Art Exhibit Day

Child care education includes daily artwork activities for children. Doing artwork is a fun and creative way of learning. Children are introduced to colors and learn how to match them. Such activity develops a child’s creativity. The daily artwork of the children will be arranged in a room for an art exhibit day. Parents will be invited to witness how great artists their children are. You can also invite artists from the community to support the exhibit. Charging a small fee for the admission will bring in more profits. Additional donations may come in through direct solicitations.

Shoe Drive

A shoe drive is a simple fundraiser that you can organize for a child care center. Finding supporters and volunteers is the key to the success of this drive. Shoe donations will come from the supporters and volunteers. Shoes are often quickly outgrown by children and this means there are many gently used shoes sitting in their stockrooms. You can choose to set a date of sale for the collected shoes. Invite the whole community to support your child care fundraiser. In no time, funds will roll into your fundraising campaign. If you want it to be a lot easier, you may choose to find a shoe drive facilitator. This way you will not have to pick a sale date and invite the community to support your cause. Instead, the shoe drive facilitator will come and pick your collected shoes. The facilitator will assess the value of the entire collection and you receive your check.