The Dallas Cowboys Have a New Ring of Honor Member

The Dallas Cowboys are practically a household name, and now they have another reason to share their accomplishments with the world and their fans. Jimmy Johnson has made his way into the Ring of Honor. For Johnson, who joined the organization back in 1989, this was an honor he was proud to receive for all the time and effort he put into building the team from the ground up. He took a last-place team and turned it into something amazing, and he did it more than once!

Honoring a Legend was a Long Time in the Making

According to Ian Weisberg, the Cowboys and Johnson have a long history of working together, where Johnson used a unique coaching style that wasn’t like anything anyone else was doing. He also knew the kind of people he wanted on his team, and he wasn’t willing to settle for anything else. If he picked a player there was a definitive reason why, and everyone affiliated with the team quickly learned to trust Johnson and everything he brought to the Cowboys franchise.

Johnson’s goal was never to make a name for himself but to do right by the Cowboys owners and players. Through doing that he made himself a place in their history and was noticed and honored for the work he did. Even if many who followed his career think he should have received this honor earlier, Johnson simply seems happy to have been acknowledged and included in one of the Cowboys’ most important ceremonies.

A Halftime Ceremony Full of Cheers

For Dr. Ian Weisberg a love of sports is simply a part of life. He’s definitely not alone, since the halftime ceremony was full of cheers and crowds looking on at the historic moment. Many more watched from home as Johnson made a speech and brought the crowd to its feet. Many think that the honor given to Johnson was long overdue and that he now has his rightful place in the Cowboys’ history books. For Johnson, the Ring of Honor is part of a lifelong journey of coaching and mentoring.

The Cowboys Continue to Grow and Develop

The Cowboys were rebuilt three times under Johnson’s coaching and leadership. He took them from a last-place experience to the height of success each time and made sure that every player who was part of the team had their voice heard and was appreciated for who they were and what they brought to the organization. He wasn’t looking for accolades and genuinely wanted the team to see success. Now, he had finally been honored for all the value he brought with him over the years.