The Best Juicers For You In 2020

During this black Friday, there are many brands of juicers available up for grabs with amazing discounts. For juice lovers who want to enjoy nutritious, healthy drinks extracted from fruits and vegetables, owning an incredible juicer is necessary.

Black Friday is a day celebrated in the U.S after the Thanksgiving holiday. It symbolizes the beginning of a shopping season with lots of deals and discounts on various products.

The following comprises different juicers with great discounts that you could buy and enjoy your healthy drinks.

Aicok slow masticating juicer

The best slow masticating juicer from Aicok has excellent deals and huge discounts during this black Friday. The price itself is incredible, and getting the juicer black Friday without the value is impossible.

The juicer is of high standards, extracts the maximum amount of juice with vitamins, and does not lose its nutritional value. It is a quiet motor hence suitable for extracting juice at any time.

Omega Juicer NC900HDC

This slow masticating juicer has a slow speed and can extract juice to a maximum amount of yields with fewer ingredients without losing the vitamins. It is useful in making your pasta, getting juice from your fruits and vegetables, and frozen dessert. The dual-stage extractor key feature of the juicer makes it the go for choice.

The deal is on and is up for grabs on Amazon. The good thing about this extractor is that it comes with a 15years warranty.

Breville Juice Fountain Juice extractor

Breville juicer appearance is attractive and would look good on your kitchen counter. With a fantastic speed of 850watt motor, it can process both soft and hard veggies. It has an offer of 58%off its original price available here. Its stainless-steel cutting can extract juices with more vitamins more than other juicers. It is incredibly fast, thus producing quick results.

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juice Extractor

The juice extractor from Aobosi has a fantastic black Friday deal. Its key features are:

  • It has a vertical shape making it simpler to put in long vegetables.
  • Its motor speed is 40-65 RPM, which can retain the vegetables and fruit’s nutritional value.
  • Easy to clean because you can assemble and disassemble with less effort and clean it with running water.

It is an excellent choice for less storage space in the kitchen because of its small size. If you want to enjoy your nutritious juice, invest in the juicer during this black Friday and save some coins.

Tribest Greenstar Elite Slow Juicer

This model is the best for extracting a large amount of juice for your family and friends. It can work for long hours without worry, and with its two gears, it produces incredibly massive amounts of fluid. It would be an excellent investment for this black Friday season as it comes with a 12-year warranty.

There will be no loss of the fruits, veggies, or green’s nutritional value during extraction. The green star elite is available on Amazon for purchase.

We chose to go for the best juicers in the market with incredible discounts during this Black Friday.