Struggles of pursuing a PhD that you must know

Doing a Ph.D. isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it sometimes becomes a very demanding and exhausting task no matter whoever says otherwise. There may be endless benefits one may reap once the daunting time period of 3 years is over but, in this period, there will be so many challenges and issues one has to go through.

Without a doubt, you will be perceived as a statue of inspiration and admiration by the people around you. They will always look up to you how you managed your personal and professional life during your pursuit of the doctorate but there are certain things one must keep in mind before starting on this journey.

Here are the three things only a doctorate holder will understand or a Ph.D. aspirant needs to keep in mind:

It’s a world of isolation

More often than not Ph.D. aspirants or Ph.D. holders find themselves living with a fear of being completely distant or isolated from the world and its peers. This fear of isolation is based on the premise that they mostly have to undertake projects that involve working alone and at remote locations. If not alone then they are mostly surrounded by only a few professionals or strict Ph.D. supervisors. This unavoidable demand for working alone leads to the fear of working alone and sometimes unmotivated.

This fear of isolation also stems from the fact that they are mostly involved in complex research which is beyond the understanding of the common population. Don’t be surprised if you catch a Ph.D. holder looking up “How to make friends”

Self-doubt and fear of failure

It’s very common for a Ph.D. aspirant or doctorate holder to feel as if he working towards something that is irrelevant and has a dead end. It is a world that is filled with failures and things are supposed to go south more often than not. If you are going through the same scenario then if it makes you feel any good, you’re not the only one. To put it in a simple word- this feeling of self-doubt and failure is called the imposter syndrome that brings along a constant nagging question- Am I a fraud?

This is where the Ph.D. supervisors come in handy as their main job is to provide academic support and physical guidance right from the commencement of the project until the submission of the thesis. They have to ensure that despite being responsible for such a demanding role they have to ensure the complete elimination of complexities that have been listed above.

Stress is your permanent friend

Looming tight deadlines, massive and demanding large scale projects, and being the sole responsible individual of the project, a Ph.D. can be brutal and extremely exhausting at times. Stakes are always high as during your whole research you are representing a team, an institution, constant feeling of putting your head through the wall is a very common feeling among the Ph.D. aspirants. According to recent research, Ph.D. students are more likely to feel exhausted and have mental breakdowns than other students.

For this reason, in particular a Ph.D. aspirant must always methods in his arsenal to decompress the stress he or she goes through. However, Ph.D. demands a hefty amount of isolation, speaking with your fellow aspirants isn’t going to do any harm.


Thinking of dropping your idea of pursuing your Ph.D., just hang on a sec. No matter how daunting and brutal this article may perceive the course of Ph.D., there’s no denying it that the completion of your Ph.D. will open doors to an amazing realm for you. It will be a world brimming with endless career opportunities and a sense of accomplishment and respect. Your fellow students may feel high and almighty after landing a job after their graduation but you, you my friend are on the way of reshaping the world and changing the way the future generations will perceive this world we live in.