Steps to Take When Your Old Content loses Traffic

At some point in time, there is a semi-tragic experience that happens to every online blog –you have worked hard to create the best and strongest blog in the industry, it’s full of case studies, rich media, and statistics which are both entertaining and actionable. You suddenly find that your blog post rankings have fallen from their spot and the position doesn’t hold after a few months. With tons of blog posts published every day, it’s easy to get discouraged if your articles don’t make it to the top position and that can happen if you’re not combatting content decay.

So why does content decay happen? Brands are focused on moving forward, not looking back, they prioritize new content, email newsletters, ad campaigns, and content on social media and stop promoting past content. This results in a direct loss of incoming traffic. Google focuses on new content that is fresh, relevant, and up-to-date. Google divides this into frequent updates, regularly occurring events, hot topics, and recent events. If you’re not pushing out new content this can result in your blog failing over time. New competitors may emerge and take over your top spot.

How to spot content decay on your website

There are a couple of tools and strategies you can use to spot content decay, these include

  • Content Decay ClickFlow

This application is specially designed to identify content decay in your SEO experimentation tool and connects your Google search console account while finding and flagging down posts that have been declining over the past year. It enables you to see how traffic has fluctuated and been affected in each post. Knowing which posts have been getting fewer click-throughs will help you to increase your ctr opportunities.

Google Analytics carefully watches your bog posts and keeps an eye out for changes in overall traffic. If there is a consistent decline in traffic, you’re experiencing content decay. The drawback is that it is a manual process and can take a lot of time regularly. You need to keep tracking each post over a long time.

A website designing company uses this approach like a position-tracking tool. This application will alert you when any of your tracked sites or pages increase or decrease in search engine rankings in the SERPs, it also detects SEO changes.

If you’re starting to wonder if content marketing is worth it then don’t fret. You can rest assured knowing that an experienced SEO agency in India can help you with content decay. There are a lot of case studies to state that brands have more than a million new visitors to their site and a certain percentage to share their content. This means that you just need to re-optimize your old posts and freshen them up so that they outrank your competition and get you the results they were delivering before. A few more things you can do are expand the word count and add more depth, replace outdated stats, date the post, re-promote this updated content to your email list, and add a lot of internal and external links from other posts to these pages.

End Note

Content decay is exactly as it sounds and the last thing you want is for your masterpiece of a blog you took a long time to create slink downwards. Even though some content decay maybe expected you need to take the right tools and strategies and be ready to act when it does. This will keep your content in good standing and bring you all those SEO results you need.

Jack Sylvester
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