Step by Step Guide to Storm Damage and Restoration

Storms are not new to any part of the world now. Some regions experience frequent damaging storms and that is where storm damage and restoration service becomes vital. The time to act on such damage is immediately after the storm has passed. There are contractors taking care of storm damage, insurance work, and restoration under single roof. Irrespective of the damage caused by the storm, it is recommended that you call the storm damage and restoration experts immediately. Companies like Karma Home Designs have vast experience of restoring such damages while adhering to the insurance guidelines. You can call them for free consultation in case of damage and they will help you get through the entire process of storm damage, insurance work, and restoration smoothly. 

Before the expert arrives, here is the step by step guide to manage the situation at your end. 


  • Be Safe


This is the first step to take after the storm. Based on the severity of the storm, you will come across different types of damages and some of them would be dangerous for you as well as the community. Inspect the property for any visual damages like gas leakage, cable damages, roof damages, broken glasses, and similar other damages that can turn out fatal if not cared properly. If required, evacuate the property till the expert arrives for the inspection.


  • Restore the obvious


Boarding the windows that are broken or switching off the power supply to reduce the damage is the second step in the line. This is like restoring the obvious damages. Once these things are in place, you can wait for the professionals to arrive to take care of further damages. 


  • Take enough pictures


You may want your insurance provider to cover the damages and for that you need enough evidence. Take pictures for documentation as you will need them for raising the claim. Ensure that pictures are as detailed as possible to cover everything that your insurer would ask for!


  • Call the insurance company


Call the insurance company and inform about the damage. They will guide you regarding the further steps to be taken in order to raise the claim and get it cleared at the earliest.

Now, when you have already completed the 4 crucial steps, wait for the storm damage, insurance work, and restoration expert to make your home safe and secure as before.