Start them Young: How to Locate the Best Preschool in Singapore

An early childhood education, often known as preschool or infant care in Singapore, educates young children until they’re old enough to begin kindergarten.

The stage where they begin to learn, especially one who is only 3 to 6 years old, can be a challenging experience for both the youngster and the parent. Your child’s brain development, language skills, aptitude for learning, empathise and socialise are all shaped during these crucial years.

However, choosing the best preschool in Singapore is similar to selecting a paediatrician for your kid. In either case, you should expect to put in much effort. If you want your child to have a positive experience in preschool, you should look for a safe place for them to attend.

Why Does Your Child Need to Begin at Preschool?

Preschool curriculum in Singapore provides education and care to your child where they also learn to express their thoughts, adapt their behaviour to the needs of the circumstance, regulate their behaviour, remain focused, and be sociable, among other things.

They typically use various educational methods to help youngsters develop their learning-related abilities. It lays the groundwork for a child’s future success in school and beyond by teaching them essential social, intellectual, and life skills.

1. Know their interest

The best way to teach young children is by letting them play. A child can get bored in school if their first exposure to classroom instruction is in an academic setting. Preschool gives children the chance to study in a way they are interested in, which helps them develop a positive relationship with learning.

When it comes to infant care in Singapore, centres place a priority on building relationships first. It helps to create a sense of security and belonging.

2. Integrate social skills

Preschool allows youngsters to interact with other children and teachers. A top preschool in Singapore often has a schedule that will enable children to play and interact with one another. The environment they create is an excellent place to start making friends and share and converse with others.

3. Enhance pre-literacy abilities

Infant care in Singapore is for young children aged three years old. It is the phase where teachers begin to introduce studying but build responsive relationships, first known as pre-literacy. Activities like reading aloud and using magnetic alphabet letters are great ways teachers use them.

When children are engaged in activities that they find fun and engaging, they are more likely to develop positive connections with reading as they grow into the pre-literacy stage.

4. Create a foundation

As they grow to the age of 4 to 6, the preschool curriculum in Singapore prepares them to enter primary school. The goal is to introduce academic subjects such as language, maths, science, etc.

A child needs a solid academic foundation and self-esteem to avoid dealing with the stress of being bombarded with lessons.

5. Encourage imagination

The preschool curriculum in Singapore enables children to learn through experimentation and discovery. Teaching young children to think for themselves is an integral part of learning. Instead of insisting on the correct responses or actions, they promote asking questions.

Allows children to practise various skills in diverse ways through multiple forms of play, including both scheduled and unstructured.

7 Tips on How to Find the Best Preschool


1. Know the school’s curriculum

Preschool curriculum and philosophy in Singapore vary. Make sure you choose a school with hands-on learning, age-appropriate play, and various educational options. They should have time for songs, stories, and crafts in a circle, on a calendar, or for active play.

2. Decide how long your child will attend

Typically, preschools offer half-day and full-day programmes. If you choose to begin a curriculum such as infant care in Singapore, you may decide to start schooling at 3 to 6 years old. Make sure you ask about the schedule and which curriculum you wish to enrol them in.

3. Have a tour yourself

To determine whether a school is right for your child, it’s ideal if you visit it. You may get a feel for the school and see if it’s a good fit for your child by seeing their classroom or facilities. Are the gates and doors kids-friendly?

You’ll know you choose the best preschool in Singapore if you feel at ease with the environment.

4. Observe the teachers

Observe how well the children and staff interact. Look out for friendly staff members and the language used in class. How does the teacher deal with children who are crying? Can they handle tantrums? What are the teacher’s methods for refocusing the attention of the students?

It’s not common to see children having separation anxiety when they first enter school. Since everything is new and they need to adjust for a few days, make sure you are in the best preschool in Singapore that can deal with this kind of dilemma.

1.  Learn about the environment

The more structure and routine a child has, the better off they are in school. Choose a top preschool in Singapore that encourages more unstructured play and less reliance on structured practices and activities led by teachers.

2.  See if it’s a convenient location

Although your primary focus may be on curriculum and policies, it’s necessary to consider the cost and the place. Make sure that the preschool you choose is in an area convenient for you.

Make sure the picking up and dropping off schedule work for you. You know you choose the best preschool in Singapore if they can accommodate your schedule.

3.  Take a look at the credentials

What are the teachers’ credentials? What kind of relationship do they have with the kids? For infant care in Singapore, it’s necessary that you have an idea about their methods of teaching and disciplining. Credible teachers know the basic steps they can take to build a trusting relationship with children.

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