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Mathematics is a notorious school subject that haunts students with complex puzzles and mind-bending formulas. Some students will argue that it’s the bane of being a school student. With poor teaching and a lack of any secondary or primary maths tutor, students are more likely to fail the subject.

Indeed, maths is never a straightforward subject to learn at school. It’s one of those subjects where you need to exert much effort and think. It relies on making calculations for solving problems and describing numerical values/amounts. Learning its principle requires more than just a simple encouragement from parents. It’s built upon successful memorisation of multiplication tables, equations and symbols.

However, no matter how difficult it may seem to appear, maths is often used in our daily lives. From bookmarking to accounting and keeping track of our expenses, there’s no reason for students to skip the subject. Perhaps your child might be enrolling in the best math tuition centre in Singapore—your child will need all the help they can get from you, their teacher and your tutor to make the most out of learning.

The Challenges Of Learning Maths – Different Ways Of Dealing Of Homeworks

Maths is a very crucial subject that every student must undergo and overcome. Apart from tests and examinations, homework is one of the many aspects they struggle with. Students struggle to get their homework done even with the help of their parents. In some cases, many parents would look for a primary or PSLE math tutor in Singapore just to get by with every assignment. Even parents can be clueless about how to tackle maths concepts.

Online resources

However, getting help for their maths homework isn’t as difficult as it may be way back when you were studying it decades ago. With the Internet, many can find relief to ease the burden of dealing with their homework. From helpful videos to free online PDF guides and forums, there are so many approaches that one may take.


Going to the teacher is probably the easy way to learn and probably the most effective way. Whether your child is taking a secondary or primary maths tutor, they will still need guidance and help from teachers. Unlike watching online tutorials, a teacher can provide answers to your questions (the same goes with a tutor). After all, they are the facilitator inside the classroom, and it’s within their expertise and training to provide the best form of learning to suit a student.


A tutor is another person you can go through when your homework gets tougher. Tutors are the student’s backbone support for learning. Yes, most tutors are definitely optional. In most cases, some are even reluctant to pay and hire one. However, there are many reasons why parents should consider hiring one for their child.

Hiring a tutor can help bring discipline, and it’s one benefit that will help your child in the long run. In most cases, it’s not just about getting high grades on their homework. Paying for a secondary or primary maths tutor helps your child develop a passion for learning things. It also helps train your child to become honest with their weaknesses and strengths. Your child’s after-school learning experience can become pleasant and enjoyable with a decent tutor.


There are a number of apps that you can download to provide additional information or aid your child in dealing with their homework. Most of these apps can be accessed with your smartphone, and it only takes seconds to set them up.

There’s no substitute for good teaching and guidance in learning. However, providing supplementary guidance via an app can make things easier for your child to understand what they need to learn. Some applications are made for kids to learn, making them more interactive and accessible for young kids. So, whether you’re planning to take your child to a math tuition centre or pay for a tutor, you might consider giving them helpful apps for learning at home.

Helping Your Child Learn Maths At Home


If you feel that your child is at a loss for learning maths, it’s not the end! As a parent, there are few things you can do to help, motivate and support your child all the way—even if you’re not knowledgeable about the subject well enough. Here are ways to help your child learn maths at home:

Use interactive apps

As we mentioned before, apps are a great way to help teach your child to understand more about basic maths concepts. Even if you’re not planning to hire a secondary or primary maths tutor, learning can still be fun and engaging via interactive phone apps or computer software. A simple search online will grant you hundreds or thousands of results.

Dedicate a time to learning at a quiet pace

Learning at home comes with discipline. Learning is challenging and next to impossible without being disciplined and committing oneself to it, even if you’re paying for a primary math tutor for your child. Encourage your child to have a dedicated time to learn at home and find a comfortable, distraction-free area.

Practice with them daily

Once you set up a dedicated time and place to tackle their homework, it’s about time that we commit ourselves to more consistent learning. As a parent, encouraging your child to make a habit of everyday practice with everyday activities allows your child to become more familiar with dealing with maths problems and formulas.

Setting at least a few minutes each day will help reinforce their learning and retain more information. Even if your child is enrolled in primary math tuition in Singapore, practising can be beneficial in the long run.

Final Thoughts

There are many avenues to help your child conquer their fear of maths, especially when dealing with endless homework. Commitment and motivation can go a long way to help your child succeed, not just in maths. But in the overall academic journey as well!

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