Stages for Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinets are the stagehands in a kitchen that is a theatre of culinary arts. They have all the tools and cookware necessary to put on the show. It’s not surprising that kitchen cabinets that have seen better days can still look great after a long and exhausting schedule of back-to-back performances. Make sure you refinish your cabinets before they are retired.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a more affordable and straightforward alternative to refacing. Refinishing kitchen cabinets that aren’t showing signs of wear or haven’t been damaged is an option. Refinishing them can give them a new look without costing as much as a replacement.

Pros use three steps to finish cabinet refinishing.

First Stage – Unscrewing the cabinets from their hinges

This is the first stage professionals use to hire you for refinishing. This stage is fast and easy. Professional painters remove the cabinets from the hinges.

Second Stage: Sanding

The professionals who will refinish the cabinets begin to sand after being removed from the hinges. Professionals use a mechanical sander, but sanding blocks and sandpaper can also be used. To achieve the best results, sanding should be done with fine-grit media. A higher-grade grade may be needed if you have multiple layers of paint on cabinets. 

Step 3 – Painting

After all other stages are completed, the final step is to refinish your kitchen cabinets. You have two choices: paint or the last stain. It all depends on your preference. To prevent visible stains and damage, most professionals use a primer coat. This is why oil-based paints are more popular than latex. It’s more durable and flexible.

Your project is complete after the three stages have been completed and the doors are correctly attached to the hinges. Refinishing cabinets can still be done inexpensively, but it is more complex than completely refacing them. Refinishing cabinets is easy. Professionals are the best choice to get the best results.

With Custom Care by Caleb, your kitchen can be completed in two days. Our cabinet refinishing process has been perfected over the years. Every time we finish a job, it is professional and factory-like.

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