Some of the drugs that have been Microdosed by people in 2021

According To a survey and information gathered, some of the leading scientists gave some names of some drugs that have been microdosed on a large basis.



This drug is primarily made from a compound made from a fungus that grew on rye, namely lysergic acid.


Consumed as:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Paper pieces
  • Square of gelatin


Effects when taking the drug:

The people who use these drugs or consume them often experience an energy boost that help them focus. According to the consumers, a microdose is considered when a good sleep and appetite is met. Although it can also fight addictions like heroin and cigarettes. Some also believe that it can help in quitting drinking and losing weight.


Mushrooms or some call them magical mushrooms, have a compound incorporated in them called psychoactive psilocybin.


Consumed as:

  • Eaten raw
  • Brewed
  • Chocolate coated


Effects when taking the drug:

When you consume the drug after an hour or two, the person experiences increased focus and energy level. It can even decrease the side effects when a person is abstaining from something. It supposedly also helps in increasing the empathy of a person.


It is drugs primarily taken or extracted from a plant known as cannabis.


Consumed as:

  • Smoking
  • Vapors
  • Edibles


Effects when taking the drug:

It can treat or help in treating many physical ailments. It can even help in mood regulation and increase one’s awareness and interest in their surroundings. This further increases creativity, focus, and happiness.


This is a mixture of an Amazonian plant that incorporates DMT, known to be a psychoactive substance. This compound generally is consumed in the form of tea.

Effects when taking the drug:

When consumption or microdosing of ayahuasca, it has been reported that the sensitivity level increases, and users are more open and feel the defenses of the inhibitions to be lowered significantly. When working, these drugs should not be consumed as they can make a simple task daunting.


This is primarily a medication used in operations to prolong the anesthetic effects.


Consumed as:

  • Snorting
  • Injections


Effects when taking the drug:

Many users or people who consumed this drug felt a physical sensation to be low or high. If a person has pain somewhere in their body, they are likely not to feel it when been microdose with ketamine. The drug is also supposed to be helpful during stress and depression. When consumed in doses larger than recommended, it can cause some harm too and this link will likely provide more info.