Slots Online That All Casinos Have 

Although when you really dig down into what each different online casino really has to offer you’ll find there are differences even though they might all look rather similar to one another, there are definitely some types of slots that all casinos such as Topp Spilleautomater have in them that mean no matter which one you pick you are going to be able to find something familiar to settle you. What are these slots online that all casinos have? Read on to find out. 

Classic Slots

The classic slots are actually a link back again to the first slot ever produced, the Liberty Bell which was created by Charles Fey in 1895. These slots have a lever (or maybe a virtual lever if you are playing online) and therefore offer players a nostalgic look into the past where they are able to enjoy slots in the manner they were once meant to be played. 

These slots are usually really basic, using three reels with five symbols on every one of them. There will also most likely be fruit portrayed on the symbols, plus the entire look will be really retro. There probably will not be a bonus round, however, but if there is it is going to be really easy to play. This kind of slot isn’t to everyone’s taste, but some people love them. 

Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are also very common, and although they’re extremely similar to classic slots, even right down to the symbols which are used, the primary difference is how they’re played. You will find buttons to press instead of a lever to push (and once again, this is all likely to be virtual with regards to internet slots) and they’re viewed as a totally different category to the traditional slots. 

Once again, these games are extremely basic ones and they usually just have a single payline. When you are just starting out, they can be ideas as they are so simple and will help you understand how the games work.   

Video Slots

Video slots are very popular in internet casinos, and this is typically because you will find plenty of different themes to browse through. Instead of the relatively generic fruit slots and classic slots, these tend to be a lot more fascinating. You will be able to find just the game that suits you, no matter what kind of music, movies, locations, icons, and so on you enjoy the most. 

What also tends to make video slots stand apart from the others, the earlier versions, would be that the graphics and sounds are a lot better. They are thrilling to look at and play, and might actually have cut scenes to watch giving you a concept of the story behind the theme. 

Progressive Slots

Lots of people like playing progressive slots. These are likely to be video slots, though they’re connected to various other games, and the exciting thing is that the jackpot, as the title indicates, is actually progressive. Put simply, every time it is not won, it becomes even bigger so that over time the jackpot could easily add up to hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of pounds. 

Even though it costs much more to play games with a progressive jackpot the jackpot is much bigger too, so many people think it is worth doing and will invest their money happily.