Gameplay review of Legend of Cleopatra Slot

Three thousand years ago one of the most powerful and legendary civilizations was in vogue, we are talking about Egyptians.

Pharaohs and their queens were both loved and feared by their people. An aura of mystery hovered around this ancient population. One on all was considered the most beautiful and powerful of all queens, Cleopatra. She was as beautiful as ruthless, and this fueled the legend of Cleopatra. This Slot Machines is dedicated to her – click to learn.

How to play this slot

Legend of Cleopatra seems to reflects her name, it is beautiful and mysterious. There are 6 reels, the first on the left which is also the smallest, has 2 rows, while the second and the third have three rows. The fourth has 4 rows and the last two reels have 5 rows.

Everything around Cleopatra was exaggerate, consequentially, the number of paylines has to reflect the tradition, indeed in this game there are 100 paylines.

To hit a win, Player has to complete at least three consecutive symbols from the first wheel on the left. The stake can be varied by wish from a minimum of 20 pence to a maximum of 100 pounds. The graphics is superb. The animations and sound effects are very beautiful and pleasant. Despite the background music plays in loop, it doesn’t bother.

You have the possibility to turn the music and the sound effects off separately. The autoplay button, placed on the bottom right corner gives the possibility to set a certain number of auto-spins, perfect to enjoy the wins. For the experts, the button to set the Maxbet is available just next to the play button

The Scatter

One of the most legendary animals of all the time, it is the Scarab. By landing three Scatters, Player is immediately rewarded with a relative win plus 5 free spins.

If the scatters landing on the screen are 4 or 5, the number of free spins become respectively 10 or 15.

Displayed on the left of the screen you can find the number of free spins you get thanks to the scatter. During the Free spins something magical happens. The wheels flip vertically. The first reel is now the biggest and the last is the smallest.

While the free spins run, if other scatters come to visit Cleopatra, Players will be rewarded with extra free spins.

Two scatters reward you with 2 more free spins. When landing 3, 4 or five Scatters, the free spins are 5, 10 or 15.

The Wild Symbol

The wild can substitute all other symbols in a winning combination, except from the scatter. This symbol has a magical power, if a reel full of wild lands on the screen, the system replicates the same reel also on another random wheel. This boosts considerably your chances of winning.

Final thoughts

This game reflects the legend of Queen Cleopatra, it is beautiful and full of magic.

The playability is superb, a plus for a game already easy to love. 


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