Losing weight can be difficult, and for some people, adding a dietary supplement is beneficial. The key is using the right one, so in this article we will compare two popular supplements: Slimquick and Lipozene.


Slimquick is a product manufactured for the weight loss needs of women. According to advertising, its formula is designed to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. It may also improve the absorption of catechins, which are fat-burning agents. In addition, it is said to provide an energy boost, reduce or eliminate excess water, and regulate the hormones. The recommended dosage is three caplets per serving.

Lipozene on the other hand has been clinically proven to promote weight loss, promote a reduction in body fat, and is both safe and effective—this is at least what their advertising claims state. The dosage is two capsules per serving.


The ingredients in Slimquick include caste tree extract, caffeine anhydrous, a blend of phosphatidylcholine and green tea extract, and rhodiola extract. However, caffeine is the primary ingredient and has undergone numerous studies on its weight loss effects. Caffeine can definitely boost the metabolism and increase energy, but the results of studies regarding weight loss are mixed. The main problem is people tend to build an immunity to caffeine over time. Those who are used to drinking caffeine will not see the same results as those who do not normally use it frequently. Also, some people are unable to tolerate caffeine and may experience trembling and headaches.

Lipozene is manufactured from the root of the konjac plant with approximately 1500 mg of the blend in each serving. The root can promote weight loss because of Glucomannan, a soluble fiber that is capable of absorbing water in the stomach; this process results in the creation of a thick gel that causes the individual to feel full longer. Long-term usage could cause gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and constipation. It is essential to drink at least eight ounces of water with every dose so you don’t choke.


Generally speaking, Lipozene is a better product to encourage weight loss because of its ability to suppress the appetite more effectively. Its main ingredient is a fiber rather than caffeine, which allows more people to tolerate it. For those who have no problem with ingesting substantial amounts of caffeine, Slimquick is another option to encourage weight loss. Both are effective in different ways and as such, work for individuals differently.