Shipping Tape – Are You Paying Attention To These Factors?

You would be sourcing a wide range of Wholesale Shipping Supplies every month for your ongoing shipping and packaging needs. We tend to think that some of these shipping supplies are more important than the others. Based on this, we invest more time to screen certain supplies while giving very little attention to sourcing others. One of the shipping supplies that most of us tend to consider less important is shipping tape.

Shipping tape is as important shipping supply as your custom wooden crates. You need to make the right choices when sourcing your shipping tape or else there are chances that your packaging may not be intact when they reach their destination. When you are sourcing your shipping tape from your wholesale packaging supplies company, you need to check whether you are paying attention to the following factors.

You cannot use the same shipping tape for all packaging situations. You need to first take into account the total weight of the package. As the weight increases, the stronger the shipping tape required. To ensure adequate reinforcement, you should also make certain that tapes of adequate width is selected.

The thickness of the shipping tape and the width of the tape are two key factors that decide the overall strength of the shipping tape. You would not want to cut corners when it comes to shipping tapes. The package dimensions will also help you decide the width of the tape. If you ship long boxes then it would require higher level of reinforcement. This calls for wider tapes. Smaller boxes with lightweight products will just require one-inch wide shipping tape or two-inch wide shipping tape.

If the product that is shipped were heavy regardless of its size, wider shipping tape would be required. As you could easily notice, the weight of the product shipped and the size of the box should be used as guiding parameters.

How the products are shipped varies from one company to the other and from one product to the other. In some cases, stretch films hold individual packages together. In other cases, pallet shipping is used whenever the load is huge. Your choice of shipping tapes will vary in these cases. When cartons are shipped individually, they are likely to be exposed to higher risk of damage and they will need stronger shipping tapes. On the other hand, when the cartons are shipped in pallets they are better protected and it is enough to select shipping tapes that could just hold the carton box together.

The quality of the adhesive in the shipping tape should withstand extreme conditions during shipping. Good quality adhesives should be used so that the tape does not peel off at high temperatures making your products vulnerable to damages. While shipping the packages should be exposed to sun, rain, dust and bad handling. The shipping tape you select should be able to withstand all these conditions and ensure your products reach your customers safe.

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