Running a Laundry Business: 7 Tips for Care and Maintenance

If you own a laundry business, then you are most probably aware of the importance of proper care and maintenance. This is true not just for equipment but for the facility as well. It improves the reliability of equipment, minimizes breakdown, enhances customer satisfaction, and speeds up delivery of service, among other benefits. Read on and we’ll share some of the best things you can do.

  1. Use Reliable Equipment

From an industrial washing machine to a commercial dryer, investing in reliable equipment is crucial in laundry businesses. When you have top-notch equipment, there is minimal concern for care and maintenance. You can be confident that they will deliver optimal functionality without requiring too much on your end.

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  1. Sanitize Washers and Dryers

It is not enough that you clean laundry equipment. Disinfecting the washer and dryer is equally important. Pathogens can survive and can be a health problem without disinfection. You can use chlorine bleach, pine oil, and phenolic disinfectants for sanitation. This should be part of an extensive cleaning routine to prevent contamination.

  1. Replace Water Filters Regularly

Dirt and mineral deposits can clog the water filters over time. In turn, this can restrict water flow. This can also make the machine inefficient. Prevent this problem by cleaning the water inlet filters and changing them when necessary. This will also help ensure water quality for better laundry.

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Make cleaning a routine. Wiping the exterior of the machine is important to be done daily. As for the interior, it can be done at least once every few weeks or months. Many of the modern washers and dryers have built-in self-cleaning features, which will make maintenance a lot easier.

  1. Perform a Regular Inspection

The earlier you spot a potential problem, the easier it is to solve. If it’s too late, the repair will be costly. This makes it important to carry out regular equipment inspection by a knowledgeable individual. This is an opportunity to identify a problem and execute the necessary solution early.

  1. Check the Manual

Read the manual and follow the instructions religiously to ensure proper care and maintenance. The failure to do so can also make the warranty invalid. The manual also explains the meaning of error codes, which is useful in quickly diagnosing a problem.

  1. Work with the Pros

In case of minor problems, you might be knowledgeable enough to deal with it by yourself. Nonetheless, in major issues, it might be best to work with the pros. Contact the equipment supplier or manufacturer if you need repair, especially when equipment is under warranty. The pros have the expertise and tools to deal even with the most complicated problems.

Make the most out of the washers and dryers in your laundry business! Consider our suggestions above for care and maintenance to preserve your equipment’s peak performance and offer exemplary service!