Questions That Should Ask Before Hiring A Worker’s Injury Attorney

When you are involved in an accident at the workplace and suffered an injury, you are entitled to compensation. This compensation depends on how seriously you are injured. However, many things are involved in claiming your compensation such as documentation, dealing with the insurance company, doctor’s certificate, etc. For this purpose, you would need a worker’s injury attorney who will help you in getting your rightful compensation. 

However, before you plan to hire an attorney, you need to ask certain questions that are very important. Here are a few questions that you must ask the attorney before you hire him or her. 

Does the Attorney have an Experience?

Make you are aware of the experience that the attorney or the lawyer has in worker’s compensation cases. An experienced attorney will be able to guide you better and also handle your case professionally.

How Many Cases has the Attorney Taken?

Most of the attorneys also handle other cases that do not involve worker’s compensation. Hence, you should be aware of the number of such cases that have been handled by the attorney you are meeting. Some attorneys have the expertise and specialize in worker’s compensation issues. Hence, hire a specialized worker’s compensation attorney for your case.

What is the Success Rate for your Case?

You want an attorney who will ensure that you get your fair share of compensation. Hence, the attorney should be able to give you a rough idea in which way the case will be moving. He or she will also be able to explain to you the approximate success rate of getting compensated for your injury. 

What is your Role in the Compensation Case?

Before hiring an attorney, make sure that you are clear about your role in the whole thing. You should know whether you can be part of the meetings the attorney and his or her team may have. Many attorneys do not like to have their clients to be part of such meetings. However, you must be updated with the proceedings and the role that you will play in the case. 

What Would be the Charges for your Case?

Charges or fees of an attorney is very important. In most of the worker’s compensation cases, an attorney will only charge his or her fees after you have received your compensation. The fees could be anything from 20 to 40 percent of the total amount. However, if your compensation has been declined, then you can consider your attorney’s fees waived off.