Preparing Your Home For Snow

If there’s a snowstorm coming there are a few ways you can protect your home or prepare for the ice and snow. Make sure you stock up on hot chocolate and soup while you prepare your home for the impending snow.

Protect Your Roof

Depending on the style of your home, you might want to make roof snow removal plans. If you have a slanted roof, gravity will help the snow fall off, but if you have a flat roof it is important not to let too much snow pile up on it. You can often get up on your roof and shovel the snow off, or hire a team to do it for you. 

Have a Good Shovel

Make sure you have the shovels, snowblowers or snow plows that can help you clear the snow from your sidewalks and driveway. Shoveling, however, can be difficult for some people and some families depending on physical abilities so preparing to shovel also means making a plan. Decide on a rotation with the people you live with to take turns shoveling the snow during a storm so it does not build up. Check in with elderly neighbors and make sure they do not get stuck in the house after the storm. Make sure you ask for help from friends and neighbors if you need it. 

Beware of Ice

Once you shovel the snow away, there is potential for ice to build up. Make sure you get a good ice melt that will stand up to the icy walkways. Be careful on the roads, as well, and put some sand, salt or cat litter in your trunk just in case you get stuck and need some traction for your vehicle to move. Once the storm is over, melting snow can turn into ice overnight so place sand and salt in crucial areas to keep safe.